The XX – Fiction (Synapson Remix) [Paris, France]

Downtempo / Electronic / Indie Remixes

No this is not another remix of Angels or Chained. However, it is another track of the xx’s recent album Coexist (When’s the remix hype for this album ever going to die down?) Despite the overcrowding of these remixes out there, this certain one by French electronic duo Synapson is definitely one that stands out of the crowd. Not only does it manage to maintain the original ambient intentions of the xx, it creates a whole new chilled out sound that runs concurrently with the original instead of forcing itself into a mix like so many of the other mediocre remixes out there. With the xx’s minimal approach to music it’s perfectly understandable to feel like their tracks are practically pleading to be remixed. But if you’re gonna do it, please don’t butcher their music; compliment it. As it is in so many aspects of life, less may be more.

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