Shintaro Sakamoto – Wine Glass Woman (Mayer Hawthorne Cover) [Tokyo, JP]

Pop / Soul

yep. definitely a musician.

As part of record store day in 2014, Shintaro Sakamoto lead guitarist of Tokyo underground psychedelic rock three piece Yura Yura Teikoku ゆらゆら帝国 (translated as The Wobbling Empire) will release a split 7” record with none other than the ridiculously multi-talented Mayer Hawthorne. While Sakamoto does a Japanese take on Wine Glass WomanMayer does an english version of In A Phantom Mood (great track for any island getaway). This Sakamoto covered originally Pharrell Williams (that man is everywhere!) produced soulful pop track is definitely a fresh experience. I’d even go so far to say a gateway track to J-rock.

Yes! Finally a reason to get some diversity on this blog! *freeze frame jump*

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Lorde – Pure Heroine [Mt Eden North, NZ]

Indie Pop / Soul / Electronic

Glad to say there’s more than just freaky pictures of her now (:

Remember when we last wrote about the 16-year-old songstress back in February ? Well I’ve gotta say with the recent release of her new album Pure Heroine, there’s simply no room left for skepticism. For an artist of such youth, the maturity in her music and her vocals are uncanny. Even though it does feel slightly hefty to finish in a single sitting, the album maintained excellent quality throughout without tempting me to drop any tracks immediately. And that’s saying a lot considering my minimal attention span and severely judgemental predispositions. Hands down one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year!

Fans of Lana Del Rey or Grimes should be able to dive straight into this.
Personal favorites are well The Love Club (of course), the previously released single Tennis CourtBuzzcut Season, and Team.

Follow her soundcloud here.
Get the entire album off the iTunes store here.

James Blake – Life Round Here ft. Chance The Rapper [London, UK / Chicago, US]

Soul / Rap / Synth

I wouldn’t call this so much of a remix, a rework would be more apt. The original is pretty much completely preserved but made so much better with the great icing that is Chance The Rapper.

Apparently this collaboration is gonna be the first of many, so let us get our hopes up!
and count our chickens !
and all that other stuff !

Safe With Me – Sam Smith [London, UK]

Soul / Electronic / Pop

British songwriter/singer Sam Smith is best known for his vocals featured on Disclosure’s single Latch and Naughty Boy’s notoriously addictive La La La. Both of which, found their places snugly in UK’s top charts.
It’s pretty obvious that he’s sure got a set of pipes. Patrons of any type of singing competition reality show will go gaga over his vocals. But when Two Inch Punch takes charge of the production, the result is phenomenal.
I’ll let the music do the talking.

Check out what else Sam Smith has to offer at his soundcloud here.

Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind ft. London Grammar [Reigate/London, UK]

Future Garage / Synth Pop / Soul / House

Since the english sibling synth pop duo Disclosure first released their debut studio album Settle, I’ve been waiting to share this track. I’ve waited through both White Noise and You & Me which believe me, were awesome selections. But  incomparable to this. As she’s demonstrated again and again, London Grammar’s lead female vocalist, Hannah Reid, has a set of pipes that’ll rocket any track or album to the top. Backed up with Disclosure’s signature blend of garage, funk and house, it makes for a perfect night drive soundtrack through the neon-dazzled city. (Think Tron).

Fans of AlunaGeorge and Dido’s recent music will no doubt fall in love with this instantly.

Hear more London Grammar and Disclosure at their soundclouds, don’t forget to show them some love!