Vampire Weekend – Step (Sylvstr x Ernst Remix) [Paris, FR]

Indie Rock / Instrumental / Electronic / Remixes

Modern Vampires of the City hands down my favourite album last year, winning a well-deserved Grammy. Step my favourite track off the album. Vampire Weekend definitely on top of all the indie rockers. Ezra Koenig possibly my biggest music man crush. (hush Xavier you’re safe.) SO yes, you can imagine the mentality I had diving into this remix. Scorn, that’s what. Snarling at the arrogance of even daring to alter such an incredible track. But that mentality sure faded away fast. Because, WOW. I would never dare say it lived to the original, but I’d say it’s paying decent homage. The Parisian electronic duo sure have drizzled some sweet piano sequences over the sugar coating that is Vampire Weekend.
For all the fans out there, trust me this one’s a goodie!

Get more mixes at their soundcloud here, it’s quite the treasure trove.



Tom Misch & Carmody – Atmosphere [London, UK]

Jazz / Hip-Hop / Alternative Blues / Electronic / Downtempo / Synth

Credit: Part Time Wizards

I’ve been waiting forever to share this guy and pretty much everything he’s done with the world ! 18 year old composer/songwriter/beatmaker/violinist/singer/prodigy Tom Misch may be new but he’s definitely here to stay. I’d love to say he’s fresh out and has lots to learn but he’s already been featured on Soulection as well as on a few other keen music blogs. Rhythmic stand-off hip-hop beats and silky warm instrumentals (often synths, violin, sax and the piano), he’s created a recipe for success and all-around great soundtracks for lounging around. If you’re into the feline lifestyle (who isn’t?) then this stuff is for you. Fans of André 3000 and Mr. Carmack or those Majestic vibes should be getting all sorts of déja-vu goosebumps to this stuff.

Here is like, all his stuff so far. In case you can’t tell. I’m a bit of a fan.

Follow him at his soundcloud here as well as his facebook. Lotta free DLs/name yo prices, go cray.
He’s currently working with Carmody on a collab EP, stay on top of it at her soundcloud here.

P.S.: Exams coming up, shall become quite scarce for a bit ❤

Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix) [Auckland, NZ / Sydney, AU]

Electronic / Synth / Remixes / Indie Pop

We makin’ beautiful music babies.

Australia and New Zealand has met to break the internet. 20K likes and almost 200k plays within 10 hours. Premiered during the second week of Coachella, Sydney’s prodigious electronic producer Flume has taken on the Kiwi legend (and his good mate) Lorde’s second single Tennis Court and boy is it a banger. It does not get more legit than this. It’s almost like he just went ahead and chucked in all the pecussions and synths at his disposal. (Think witch with cauldron + evil cackling). Anyways Lorde’s been recuperating in NZ after postponing her Australian tour so lets hope this insane mix knocks her socks off!

Our only complaint is that Flume doesn’t do enough of them mixes. So don’t miss out!
Check out his soundcloud here and her’s here.
Let’s put our hands together in prayer for a full length album collab between the two.

Now, Now – School Friends (Ansible Remix) [Minneapolis, US]

Electronic / Indie Rock

Minneapolis based indie rock band Now, Now (formerly Now, Now Every Children) with their album Threads has possibly been one of my greatest delights back in 2012. Beautiful lyrics, consistent quality and just and this over-shadowing dreamy nostalgic quality. I was bought over instantly so when it popped up on my radar (yea that’s a thing.) that the entire album was getting remixed. Just, tears. emotions. Jazz hands. All of that.

Enough drama, check it out. Spoiler, it’s beautiful.

Show them some love at their soundcloud now, now. get it?        …no? ):

Joywave – Tongues ft. KOPPS (RAC Mix) [New York, US]

Indie Pop / Electronic / Funk / Remixes

Not even a second in and Boom Boom boom boom boom buhboomm boom. What an incredible track. There’s just too much funk cramped in, and hell it’s resulted in a fabulous glitzy explosion. Alongside Love Is All I Got by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters, this is definitely another track on my 2013 favorites list. By all means check out the original which is more than decent but trust me when I say RAC has really outdone it this time. So dance floor worthy it’d probably single-handedly start a flashmob. Share my obsession and hop over to soundcloud for a free download!

Show Kopps, Joywave and RAC some love for making such an amazing song!


I just came by this remix by The Hood Internet and wow, it’s definitely worth a listen. You’ll find the track below so take your pick !

Hear more of The Hood Internet at their soundcloud here.