Cheap Sunglasses ft. Matthew Koma – RAC [Portland, US]

Electronic / Pop

Fresh out the oven and already featured on numerous websites (don’t count us out!), this track and basically any other RAC crafted track is straight up single of the week material (if you’re wondering it is actually featured as iTunes’ single of the week). Another track of his upcoming album Strangers and still keeping it up. Just putting it out there, this is no Random Access Memories or Bankrupt!. This albums’s a definite compilation of excellence.

IF you’re not already there, here’s the rest of André’s stuff up on soundcloud.

This here’s my 100th post on the site and it could not be more worthy!


Joywave – Tongues ft. KOPPS (RAC Mix) [New York, US]

Indie Pop / Electronic / Funk / Remixes

Not even a second in and Boom Boom boom boom boom buhboomm boom. What an incredible track. There’s just too much funk cramped in, and hell it’s resulted in a fabulous glitzy explosion. Alongside Love Is All I Got by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters, this is definitely another track on my 2013 favorites list. By all means check out the original which is more than decent but trust me when I say RAC has really outdone it this time. So dance floor worthy it’d probably single-handedly start a flashmob. Share my obsession and hop over to soundcloud for a free download!

Show Kopps, Joywave and RAC some love for making such an amazing song!


I just came by this remix by The Hood Internet and wow, it’s definitely worth a listen. You’ll find the track below so take your pick !

Hear more of The Hood Internet at their soundcloud here.

Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix) [Nine Mile, JM]

Reggae / Electronic / Remixes

Bob Marley has always been a symbol of musical freedom, and to some extent blazing a 420 in itself. Coming from the first Jamaican singer/songwriter to achieve international popularity, it’s no wonder terrible remixes of his music have been consistently produced. When I first got wind of the concept album Bob Marley and The Wailers Legend: Remixed,  I was pretty ready for disappointment. The album’s aim was to fuse his reggae with electronic elements in an attempt to create a genre of contemporary reggae that would be more suitable to current tastes. In most reggae remixes, I found the electronic elements rarely complimented but instead stifled the signature rhythmic elements of reggae (yes, refer to Benny Benassi‘s dreadful dance track). That was until I picked up on this track which could possibly be the best remix of Bob Marley or RAC that i’ve had the luck to feast my ears upon (And trust me there’s been a whole lot).

The rest of the album’s up for preorder here on iTunes.
And if you wanna show RAC some love, do so here.

Capital Cities – Farrah Fawcett Hair ft. André 3000 [Los Angeles, US]

Electronic / Synth Pop

I’ve been so busy this past month I’ve hardly had enough time to breathe let alone blog. And as I’ll be relocating to Melbourne the next month and back to studies after more than a 3-year long break; I don’t foresee the situation changing. Between struggling to keep up with schoolwork so I don’t get deported, and finding/maintaining a job so I don’t go homeless, posts are definitely gonna be sporadic. But life’s tough like that so apologies aside, it’s definitely an exciting phase and I hope to be getting more people involved so bear with us! Henceforth, I might be all sorts of terse but no worries, even if the writing seems to lack quality control, rest assured the music’s still gold (=

Don’t be put off by the voice snippets of NPR’s Frank Tavarres because, wow. This is a collaboration like nothing the Los Angeles based band has done up till now. Set to be released in their new album In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery, if this track is anything to go on, I can’t wait to hear more. If you haven’t caught up to them after sampling Safe and Sound and Kangaroo Court, be sure to hear more of their electronic-infused indie pop at their soundcloud here.

“I like it when i’m listening to music, that’s the only thing that takes me to another world”

If you haven’t heard Shook’s mix of Kangaroo Court and RAC’s mix of Safe and Sound check it out below as well because that there’s some sick shit.

Phoenix – Bankrupt! / Trying To Be Cool (RAC Mix) [Versailles, FR]

Alternative Rock / Electronic / Pop

Since the long-awaited release of French alternative rock extraordinaire Phoenix’s new album Bankrupt! a few weeks back, I’ve been waiting to share it but haven’t really gotten around to it. Having it debut on this blog in the form of a RAC mix could not  be any more apt. This being the third Phoenix mix that I’ve heard from them (1901 & Armistice) I’m sure they could not be more qualified.

I’m not gonna lie I was excited as hell to hear the new album. I’m sure you’ve already heard this a million times and it pretty much goes without saying; but of course it didn’t, or should I say couldn’t,match up to the legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by a long shot. It’s definitely still great album though. As a bonus, I think it may be just the deluxe version, also includes a second CD with an hour long track titled The Bankrupt! Diaries. It contains a whopping 71 sketches from the recording sessions of the studio album. Previously unreleased I suppose, so yea, that’s pretty much a mandatory listen! My favorite tracks other than the previously released and arguably most catchy single of the album Entertainment. would be Bourgeois, followed by Chloroform and Trying To Be Cool. Their style remains pretty consistent throughout the album, lighthearted, fast paced with a twinge of oriental but as I’m sure most will realize much less dance-ready than what I’d expected. Their sound is obviously still confident and will without a doubt be massively appealing to the mainstream. In a nutshell, you’re gonna rotate through these 10 tracks for the next week.

Okay enough talk, Check out Bankrupt! in its entirety at here.

I’m sure by now we’re all sorts of familiar with RAC’s style. Making mixes of music that do not overpower, but compliment and recreate with uplifting electronic elements. I think that’s exactly the extra push this track needed. The mix is up for free download so grab it at RAC’s soundcloud here.

RAC’s been extra prolific of late with this mix being his 3rd release this week. If you aren’t stalking them yet, go show some love at the webpage here and spend the rest of the day listening to all the mixes. It’s worth it.