Maxo x Jonathan – Nice Feelings [New York, US]

Synth / Electronic / Psychedelic 

The third track off Ryan Hemsworth’s SECRET SONGS soundcloud page, this one’s a banger. Imagine traveling through space while skilfully dodging neon lasers as they take out all the assholes around you. Yep, a nice feeling’s what it is. It seems somewhat in trend to have artist recommended pages this days, with Diplo Approved currently at over 24,000 followers. But again, the logic’s sound. If the artist makes good music, probably listens to good music too.
Ryan Hemsworth’s page however goes beyond that. It’s fully run by him, no publicists, no press, no lables, no blogs and no premieres. Just free bi-weekly downloads for his friends. That’s the kinda friendship we can work with (:
And up till now, the tunes have been phenomenal. Full-on whack.

If you’ve not been following (been outta the friendship circle) the first track by 17 year old Tennyson was quite a pleasure as well, just gonna pop it down here. Hold on for 1.53 onwards.
“hi hi hi! this a song about missing her, cold beaches, kittens, running hugs, calculus and fruit salad”
Please teach me how not to love this kid.
P.S. what were you doing at that age? Yea. I know, samesies ):

Make sure you’re part of the clique by following the soundcloud here.
Check out more George & Jonathan, Maxo, and Tennyson.


Rubblebucket – Michelle (The Beatles Cover) [Brooklyn, US]

Indie Pop / Psychedelic / Covers

How have I not heard this yet? I think this was released about 3 years ago but wow this is HUGE. When lead female vocalist Kalmia Tarver transitions between English and French it’s almost too much to take.
With the colourful instrumentals (notably the anchoring trumpet), the vocals are buried in layers of class. This cover sincerely does justice by the original  by successfully adding a contemporary touch and yet keeping its roots.
It’s like the circle of life people. Great track dies, reincarnates itself in psychedelic heaven.

Hear more of the Brooklyn troupe at their soundcloud here.

Jiggabits (Lolly Dormido) – Buried In The Ground / We Got So High [San Francisco, US]

Electronic / Synth-Pop / Soul / Psychedelic


Apparently that’s her underneath a tree.

San-Francisco based singer/electronic producer Jiggabits is without doubt a creature of intrigue. Quoting her soundcloud “Born from a tamagotchi egg and crossing dimensions in 1996, jiggabits mixes her love for technology and music producing a sound that’s not quite electronic pop, not quite bedroom soul.” Her music consists of  powerful synth melodies, syncopated electric bass lines and  eccentricities aside; she’s got a stunning voice. Take the vocals alone and I’d say she’s a music major mixed with a bit of psychedelic.

Check out her single Buried In The Ground below. Pure chronic.

Here’s the video for her single We Got So High. Some pretty trippy stuff.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, show her some love at her website here, where she’s giving out free downloads till 20th April.  Alternatively, support her at just about any other social music media, she’s pretty much omnipotent.

Kesiena – Love is all I have [Nigeria, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin]

Pscyhedelic / Rock / Soul

Kesiena“, literally “Finally, it has arrived” in his native language of Urhobos. Kesiana is finally releasing his first studio album “It was all written” today. He’s been traveling around between his homeland of Africa and Europe for over 15 years now, definitely one of those people you can’t pin one geographic location to. Don’t we all wish we had been to that many cool places…

I’ve only heard a handful of his songs since the album’s only coming out today, but I’d say his music is pretty diverse, with a little bit of psychedelic, a handful of rock and a generous helping of soul. I’ll let his music do the talking; here’s a track off his new album:

Love is all I have (Official Video)

Along with some slightly older pieces that I dug around for:
Life Train (acoustic)

“Come on everybody, get on the right train, on the life train”

You may not be the one (Live)
So insanely chilled out.