Jens Lekman – WWJD Mixtape [Gothenburg, SE]


No, this isn’t some Christian attempt to be hip and spread the word of god via collected songs. “WWJD” actually stands for “What Would Jens Do?” As he explains on the soundcloud page:

While travelling through midwest America some time ago I stopped at a gasstation and bought a WWJD bracelet for $1.99 and insisted that it stood for ‘What Would Jens Do?’. I would look at it when I felt indecisive, think about what Jens really would do and then do the opposite of that. I thought that would be a good way to find some new paths in life, and to get away from the paths I kept taking that didn’t lead me anywhere good.

 Sure, maybe that’s a little quirkier than might seem possible, but this is coming from a guy who sang about flirting with a deaf girl in sign language, so let’s call it just the right amount of odd. Which makes it all the clearer that, rather than simply sharing stand alone outtakes (“WWJD” is the first track, “What’s That Perfume That You Wear?” comes in at 15:25, and “I Remember” finishes the mixtape up at 26:25) from his album currently in the works, he has woven them throughout this excellent mixtape that slides effortlessly from one track to the other. Old songs and new sit next to each other and never feel out of place or even of a different time. And while discovering the sorts of tracks that Jens enjoys is delight enough, to get a glimpse of the caliber of his new material is at is the sweetest treat of all. It’s the emotionally insightful, hilariously self-deprecating, and beautifully lovelorn take on pop that he’s so well-known for: strings and beats and that grand tenor of a voice removed from time and place. So enjoy this endlessly enjoyable mix, where all the songs “are stations on a longer journey, where loops and smaller fragments, ideas for songs and favourite songs by others swoosh by outside the window. Feel free to open that window and feel the breeze in your hair.”

Night Falls Over Kortedala is one of my favorite albums of all time, highly recommend a spin, also, enjoy the one picture on Jens’ instagram of him holding an adorable kitty.


Hello Saferide – I Was Jesus [Stockholm, SE]

Twee / Indie / Pop


Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ghandi are the go-to choices for the somehow always relevant “if you could meet one historical figure…” question, and understandably so. They did great things in their lifetimes. Swedish pop project, Hello Saferide‘s lead single, I Was Jesus, from upcoming September (3rd) release, The Fox, the Hunter and Hello Saferide (out via Razzia Records) poses the question what would have happened if these infamous examples of peace and progress came back as women? And despite a sugary musical backdrop and vocals that put your favorite sweet to shame, the answer isn’t very easy to swallow. Whether it’s suddenly not being believed in after performing miracles, being praised for the weight loss from a hunger strike, or just simply being too wiped out to exist, Annika Norlin’s portrayal of the patriarchy takes it to extremes but never feels exaggerated, and is endlessly amusing. Most impressively is that it comes across with humor and poise over a strolling, mid-tempo beat and pleasant synth tones and plucking guitars. This is how I prefer my strong feminist declarations: served over a piece of pop perfection.

Pre-order the album here and explore her back catalogue here!

Don’t Wanna Dance (Goldroom Remix) – MØ [Los Angeles, US]

Nu-Disco / Electronic Pop / House

If the track is not enough of a clue, hit play and dive into 5 minutes of hip moving obligation. Originally by Denmark songstress (read like a cow would) who has been featured countless time on our blog and many others in the recent months, it sure was a surprise to see Los Angeles based DJ/Producer Goldroom (Josh Legg) renowned for synth heavy electropop touch this up. Last heard his remix work on St Lucia’s All Eyes On You from their phenomenal debut LP When The Night which in all honestly I felt dulled in comparison to the original. This track here however is a completely different story. Find those dancing shoes and get on looping this.

Not done dancing just yet? Check out more Goldroom right here,
or if your’e in the states check them out at their upcoming tour !


Apr 12: Chicago @ Primary Night Club (DJ Set)
Apr 25: Monterrey, Mexico @ Classico (DJ Set)
Apr 26: Mexico City @ Mono (DJ Set)
May 30: San Francisco @ The Independent (LIVE)
May 31: Los Angeles @ El Rey (LIVE)
June 21: Delaware @ Firefly Music Festival (LIVE)
June 26: Washington DC @ U Street Music Hall (LIVE)
June 27: New York @ The Bowery Ballroom (LIVE)
June 28: Boston @ The Sinclair (LIVE)

Cheap Sunglasses ft. Matthew Koma – RAC [Portland, US]

Electronic / Pop

Fresh out the oven and already featured on numerous websites (don’t count us out!), this track and basically any other RAC crafted track is straight up single of the week material (if you’re wondering it is actually featured as iTunes’ single of the week). Another track of his upcoming album Strangers and still keeping it up. Just putting it out there, this is no Random Access Memories or Bankrupt!. This albums’s a definite compilation of excellence.

IF you’re not already there, here’s the rest of André’s stuff up on soundcloud.

This here’s my 100th post on the site and it could not be more worthy!

Shintaro Sakamoto – Wine Glass Woman (Mayer Hawthorne Cover) [Tokyo, JP]

Pop / Soul

yep. definitely a musician.

As part of record store day in 2014, Shintaro Sakamoto lead guitarist of Tokyo underground psychedelic rock three piece Yura Yura Teikoku ゆらゆら帝国 (translated as The Wobbling Empire) will release a split 7” record with none other than the ridiculously multi-talented Mayer Hawthorne. While Sakamoto does a Japanese take on Wine Glass WomanMayer does an english version of In A Phantom Mood (great track for any island getaway). This Sakamoto covered originally Pharrell Williams (that man is everywhere!) produced soulful pop track is definitely a fresh experience. I’d even go so far to say a gateway track to J-rock.

Yes! Finally a reason to get some diversity on this blog! *freeze frame jump*

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