Major Lazer x Spazzkid – Getting To Know De Floor [Los Angeles, US]

Electronic / Dancehall / Experimental

He mixes so hard, them birds migrate.

If y’all aren’t familiar with Spazzkid, it is the creative outlet of Los Angeles based Mark Redito and his friends. I think he’s originally from the Phillipines but who knows!

His music blends video game sounds, Skype sounds! (as you heard) as well as percussive synth pop and even
j-pop influences to create his own unique vision of candy electro. (Sure seems pretty in nowadays huh? with the rise of Chvrches and HAERTS)

Just released less than a week ago, this track has quickly become a guilty pleasure of mine. Getting To Know De Floor was actually some sort of joke spinoff from infamous (hope there’s no disagreement here!) Pon De Floor and Getting To Know You from Spazzkid’s recent album Desire released in the April of 2013 which only took him about a year to make but is simply stunning. From production, to artwork, and multi-cultural influences, it’s simply intriguing.
If you’ve not heard his album and you like his sound,  name your price and get it off his band camp here.
Yes i’m talking to y’all fans of Cashmere Cat, Biblo or even Four Tet.

Show him some love at this soundcloud here!


MØ – XXX 88 (Prod. Diplo) [Copenhagen, DE / Los Angeles, US]

Indie Pop / Trap / Electronic

Them Scandinavian chicks tend to be pretty crazy. But when you’re crazy good and crazy consistent it’s a real blessing. I really can’t help but point out how awesome it is to see a musician really letting it all lose (not twerking) and enjoying her music like Danish electro pop singer  does. I mean just look at those rotary braids, she is mixing up some pretty serious waves of ecstasy right there. With Diplo‘s input on the track, the trap elements come through in subtle and thoroughly enjoyable.

This here’s a track truly worth spontaneously riding off into the dessert to dance to.

Here’s a lil’ something more to aid in your head-bobbing.

Show her some love at her soundcloud here

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us Remix (Major Lazer Remix ft. Swappi & 1st Klase) [Los Angeles, US]

Trap / Hip-Hop / Electronic

I wouldn’t say this was the most well thought out or best remix of this song I’ve heard so far. But I’ll probably never hear another track with so damn much energy packed into it. This is pretty much the audio-equivalent of a protein bar. Anyways, Major Lazer remixes Macklemore & Ryan Lewis; Must I say more?

Oh and it’s up for free download 😉

Blood Diamonds – Get Free ft. Amber of Dirty Projectors [Vancouver, CA]

Before anything I’d first like to apologize for being absent for so long, I’ve been overseas for the past 3 weeks taking part in a joint military exercise but now I’m back! It’s been a tough and fruitful 2 year stint and it’s time to savor a few months of being an unemployed civilian before going for studies. So there’s a little background. Back to the music.

Reggae / Electro Pop / Synth / Dream Pop

Anybody else think young Elton John?

Blood Diamonds (Michael Diamonds) is a 22 year old Vancouver based producer known for making and mixing music that’s more than difficult to put a finger on. Personally, his music is either a hit or miss for me. You either love it or hate it. Or you know, don’t get it. But again that’s all part of his music’s charm.

Major Lazer’s track’s been out about for a year now and I’m sure it requires no introduction. I’m not gonna lie, even after putting it on repeat for a year now it still fascinates me and puts me in this weightless mood of liberation and Renaissance-esque potential. In a nutshell, it’s perf with some grass. Hence, remixes of this have been done and redone over and over again. I’ve listened to just about all of them, and this one is definitely a standout. This mix truly captures the intended emotion and amplifies it a few metaphoric million times and meticulously sprays it all over your face. Like a reggae bukkake. I’d hate to think if that was an actual thing. Watch out for the xylophone in the background, so damn dreamy. Give it a listen, you’ll get what I mean.

Here’s another dreamy track of his featuring the ever-ethereal Grimes. 

It will always be a mystery to me why Pitchfork picked Oblivion as as their song of the year. Somebody enlighten me?

If you like what you’ve heard so far, check him out at his soundcloud here.