Vampire Weekend – Step (Sylvstr x Ernst Remix) [Paris, FR]

Indie Rock / Instrumental / Electronic / Remixes

Modern Vampires of the City hands down my favourite album last year, winning a well-deserved Grammy. Step my favourite track off the album. Vampire Weekend definitely on top of all the indie rockers. Ezra Koenig possibly my biggest music man crush. (hush Xavier you’re safe.) SO yes, you can imagine the mentality I had diving into this remix. Scorn, that’s what. Snarling at the arrogance of even daring to alter such an incredible track. But that mentality sure faded away fast. Because, WOW. I would never dare say it lived to the original, but I’d say it’s paying decent homage. The Parisian electronic duo sure have drizzled some sweet piano sequences over the sugar coating that is Vampire Weekend.
For all the fans out there, trust me this one’s a goodie!

Get more mixes at their soundcloud here, it’s quite the treasure trove.



The Neighbourhood – Honest [California, US]

Indie Rock

Having followed the cali based noir-esque indie rock band from its humble beginnings, there’s no missing out their debut as a box office soundtrack! Honest is going to be part of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack! (such apt lyrics) Containing all the excitement is proving quite a feat. Feelin’ much like a proud parent right about now.

If you haven’t been following/nurturing them like I have, chuck them a follow and check out other awesome tracks at the soundcloud here.

Now, Now – School Friends (Ansible Remix) [Minneapolis, US]

Electronic / Indie Rock

Minneapolis based indie rock band Now, Now (formerly Now, Now Every Children) with their album Threads has possibly been one of my greatest delights back in 2012. Beautiful lyrics, consistent quality and just and this over-shadowing dreamy nostalgic quality. I was bought over instantly so when it popped up on my radar (yea that’s a thing.) that the entire album was getting remixed. Just, tears. emotions. Jazz hands. All of that.

Enough drama, check it out. Spoiler, it’s beautiful.

Show them some love at their soundcloud now, now. get it?        …no? ):

The Fatty Acids – Airsick [Wisconsin, US]

Electronic / Pop / Rock


Much like a new contributor might do to a blog, this Milwaukee band is looking to shake things up a bit. While the first listen through Airsick might be surprising and biting, a quick follow-up leads to the schizophrenically switching crashing synths and slick fuzz-laden guitars becoming a fun, jumpy ride that takes you here, there, and all around. Juxtaposition is the key here, and it comes in at a million miles a minute: whether it’s “little wisdom” contrasted against the foolishness of someone who “ran away,” or the concreteness of every “city in the world” presented before a “dream in the clouds.” These images quickly sung over such quickly blinking music really make you feel the suddenness of life (almost enough to make you queasy…airsick even?), but make it seem so pretty despite its brashness. With this only being the first single off their upcoming 3rd full-length, Boléro, to be released digitally September 3rd, and it being a much tighter, more carefully edited song than anything in their catalog, I can’t help but be excited about what other wonderful oddities lie in store.

Learn more about them and the upcoming album at their website here.

The Neighbourhood – $TING [California, US]

Downtempo / Indie Rock / Alternative

These guys are on a roll and nothing’s gonna stop them. Single after amazing single, it’s like they’ve got some hidden music sweatshop operation going on. Lucky for us, unlike most sweatshops, this one features hardcore quality control. Not to be patronising the least bit, but these guys seem to have a limitless supply of new material and excellence. Like their other tracks, the band continues making music that denotes a dark noir atmosphere. $TING however, has a much slower tempo than most of their tracks and features skilfully planted distortions. If you’re interested enough check out the lyrics as well, they’re dark and sincere as hell.

“Don’t take this the wrong way”

If you aren’t there yet, jump on the bandwagon at their soundcloud here.