Ellie Goulding – Tesselate (Alt-J Cover) [Lyonshall, UK]

Indie Rock / Electronic / Bedroom Soul

Oh wow, it just seems like everything Ellie Goulding touches instantly melts into this smooth creamy vanilla magic. I can’t help but point out that she’s probably one of the most appropriately appreciated female vocalists the media has to offer. If you’ve heard her cover of Active Child’s Hanging On then, case and point. (If you haven’t then here it is: link) So when she covered Alt-J’s Tessellate, saying that I was ecstatic would be a severe understatement. The british indie rock band’s album An Awesome Wave was probably one of the most exciting and original finds of 2012 and the track probably was no doubt a challenge to cover but Ellie Goulding’s rearrangement and mellow vocals has successfully changed it into musical foreplay (if that isn’t enough, producer Xaphoon Jones throws in a jazzy saxophone solo to make sure it gets you going all the way). As amazing as the original is, this cover renders it sizeably unrecognisable. And no doubt, in a pretty awesome way.

I’m sure we’re all more than well informed of Ellie Goulding’s movements but if you’re not already neck-deep in Alt-J‘s music (solemnly judging you) check them out at their soundcloud here.