Phoria – Bloodworks EP [Brighton, UK]

Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Post Rock / Ambient

Riding on the high of their unbelievable single Red released a few weeks back, dream pop quintet Phoria has proven us that they do not fall in that “one lucky single” category. Their all new EP Bloodworks includes the stunning single Red along with 4 other extremely refined tracks. It’s rare to see an album that maintains such constant and eloquent quality throughout; it’s pretty much faith inducing. The album’s only out on iTunes on April 29th so till the,n stream the whole EP at their soundcloud here.

Now draw yourself a bath, light some of those scented candles and hit play.

Check out this remix of Red, it’s pretty awesome.


Phoria – Red [Brighton, UK]

Dream pop / Shoegaze / Electronica / Ambient

This, is officially my new bedroom jam. Nothing will ever get more comfy than this.
Phoria’s one of those bands that’s been around for some time and have been doing pretty well in the shadows. But with the release of their new single Red they’ve rocketed their way to sudden fame. Over 50,000 plays on Soundcloud over a week and #2 on hypemachine. I know it’s pretty late but I’ve got on that bandwagon as well. The single creates an atmosphere kindred to Sigur Rós, Ultraísta, and Explosions In The Sky.
Just check it out yourself , it’s truly a feat to imagine a track being any more captivating.

Below’s the video for Red, truly displaying appreciation for “less is more”.