Chrome Sparks – Goddess [Brooklyn, US]

Experimental / Electronic / Synth

As if Game Of Thrones returning for a fourth season in all its glory is not good enough news. Step aside Snoop Lion/Dogg, Chrome Sparks (aka Jeremy Malvin) is back. This bedroom DJ first amazed us a year back with his track Marijuana which fit its role seamlessly. Fans of psychedelic, synth and well…sweet Mary Jane are gonna dive right into this. Take a long drag of this amazing track and I’ll see you on the other side.

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Major Lazer x Spazzkid – Getting To Know De Floor [Los Angeles, US]

Electronic / Dancehall / Experimental

He mixes so hard, them birds migrate.

If y’all aren’t familiar with Spazzkid, it is the creative outlet of Los Angeles based Mark Redito and his friends. I think he’s originally from the Phillipines but who knows!

His music blends video game sounds, Skype sounds! (as you heard) as well as percussive synth pop and even
j-pop influences to create his own unique vision of candy electro. (Sure seems pretty in nowadays huh? with the rise of Chvrches and HAERTS)

Just released less than a week ago, this track has quickly become a guilty pleasure of mine. Getting To Know De Floor was actually some sort of joke spinoff from infamous (hope there’s no disagreement here!) Pon De Floor and Getting To Know You from Spazzkid’s recent album Desire released in the April of 2013 which only took him about a year to make but is simply stunning. From production, to artwork, and multi-cultural influences, it’s simply intriguing.
If you’ve not heard his album and you like his sound,  name your price and get it off his band camp here.
Yes i’m talking to y’all fans of Cashmere Cat, Biblo or even Four Tet.

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Perfume Uniform – Cologne [Cologne, DE / Hordaland, NO]

Synth Pop / Electro / Tech-House  / Experimental / Nu Disco / Lo-Fi / Acoustic

Being a self-proclaimed music website has its perks. This means that we get loads of submissions from musicians themselves instead of having to go through the tedious (yet rewarding) search process ourselves. However, more times than not these submissions are not exactly what we’re looking for.

That’s why Perform Uniform’s EP Cologne was such a pleasant surprise. Running through the entire EP was like an easter egg hunt with bewildering versatility at every corner. At the risk of exaggerating but with sincere disbelief, this is possibly the most versatile set of tracks I’ve heard in quite a while if not up till now. Not only did the EP consist of so many different genres, each of the tracks themselves were genre-spliced. So much so that calling it experimental would be a massive understatement. Apparently the Norwegian/German trio have been working on the EP since 2006; but if you think you’ve heard anything like it, be prepared to stand corrected. I’d try to define their music with a blend of synth pop, electro, tech-house, disco and strangely enough acoustic. But using a fusion of familiar names like Michael Jackson, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Kavinsky, and Crystal Castles might paint a clearer picture. Make sure you run through the entire set, the stunning inconsistency is almost as much a novelty as it is a pleasure.

Enough said, I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Purchase the entire EP at your own price off bandcamp here and follow them at their soundcloud here.

Son Lux – Lost It to Trying [New York City, US]

Experimental / Electronic

son_lux_5I would say I miss Sufjan Stevens, since he hasn’t released a proper full length since 2010’s marvelous Age of Adz, but his thoughts and his music are always here. And when listening to classically trained Ryan Lott, aka Son Lux, you are made acutely aware of this fact, and then quickly made to forget it as boldness quickly takes over the powerful and intricate instrumentation that clearly sets itself apart from the ethereal quality so fondly associated with Stevens’. From the beginning of Lost It to Trying, the slightly aged first single from upcoming Lanterns (due out October 29th via Joyful Noise), that punch of a bass line from some monstrously deep synths, soon accompanied by others fluttering about almost without direction nearly fool you into thinking they are some kind of frenzied orchestra. Then a choir is mixed in to elevate Lott’s words into the territory of sublime, despite the feeling of loss and confusion in the lyrics; a juxtaposition that hits as strong as black and white. It’s thrilling and most importantly uplifting, which is maybe why there’s so much muscle thrust into the instrumental concoction here: we may lose in our endeavors, but it is paramount we do not bow to that darkness. We bow to the light.

Pre-order the fantastic upcoming album and explore Lott’s back catalog here.

No Age – An Impression [Los Angeles, US]

Noise / Experimental / Rock

No Age band photoBefore this song, the last word that would ever have come to mind when thinking about No Age would be “delicate.” Since 2005, guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Allen Spunt have worked through 3 albums to develop an ambient edge to their noise rock that manages total clarity through an energy-driven uproar. Even at their quietest, we have yet to see the duo present themselves to us in where a layer of static doesn’t propel the song forward in some quick, fuzzy crawl. On this latest cut from upcoming release, An Object (due out August 19th in the UK and August 20th in the US), however, they decide to get as up close and personal as possible with the swaying An Impression. The slow tempo and meandering strings coupled with strolling bass and floating vocals all blend beautifully atop a backdrop of fuzz, coming together to create this piece of music I have trouble calling anything other than gorgeous. Previous singles C’mon Stimmung and No Ground make promise that there is plenty of more fist-pounding punk on its way as well, but here’s to hoping to more glimpses of the ethereal as well.

Pre-order An Object or listen to previous No Age material here.