RAC (Remix Artist Collective)

RAC are a group of artists mainly from the US that have included other international members. THey re-interpret music, but we’re not talking fist pumping or booty popping mixes. These artists recreate music by playing with the arrangements until they’re barely recognizable. RAC tends to include original instrumentals from their own artists along with retro drum samples and laser-like synthesizers. Unlike most electronica mixes where you’d expect more technical precision and, their mixes are generally more casual, playful, and easy to dance to.

These guys are remix giants and GOD are they good, so here’s a few of my favorites.
Check out the rest at their soundcloud page here

Love this track so fucking much! Gotta love how RAC in all their fame and excellence decides to remix a song by a considerably unknown Malaysian female vocalist’s Zee Avi.


Here’s one of their originals.


Zoukout 2012 Day 1

If you aren’t by any means Singaporean or around us ghetto islanders (pinoys, thais, viets, malays, etc. honkies?) and you’re still interested to read on here’s the gist of Zoukout. link

Zoukout 2010 lineup, Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, Laidback Luke just to mention a few and siloso beach was flooded. Zoukout 2011 was quite a disapopintment with a lineup of Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, Bob Sinclair and,,,calefare. But even then it brought a full crowd all the way to Wavehouse. Zoukout 2012 had the highest sales so far with a whopping 38,000 participants and 3 days of big names. With a lineup of Avicii (pre-party); Hardwell, Major Lazer, Above & Beyond, Kaskade (Day 1); Calvin Harris, Knife Party, Paul Van Dyk, Nina Kraviz, Porter Robinson (Day 2) and tons of other up and risings it’s no surprise.

The surprise is, however, closing off half of the beach and only having 2 stages while allocating precious area for circus attractions? There were literally rodeo rides and hammer strength meters placed haphazardly about beside gypsy tents selling overpriced alcohol. It reminded me of the “kids’ table” at thanksgiving. With that said, after a beer or two I might have had a few rides on the rodeo and a few swings at the hammer. Space could be much better allocated, that’s all i’m sayin’.

Raving our wayy through 5 hours in the mosh pit we were lucky enough to catch Hardwell, Kaskade and Above & Beyond up close, conveniently all peforming on the same stage. And when I say up close I mean we might actually be on their iphones *drools over wishful thinking*. Anywayss, the opening act by Hong (local DJ) and Sudha (UK percussionist) was pretty much covered by shouts that quickly escalated to screams of Hardwell, including my own rendition of “I”M SO HARD FOR YOU” that brought a few raised (hopeful?) eyebrows. And before their show was even over, signs bearing “GO HARD OR GO HOME” were being raised which must’ve been pretty damn discouraging but y’know newcomers gonna tough it out, barriers to entry and all that other shit. Alright so Hardwell came out doing his two hand up wrestler pose played his new track Apollo and everyone went pretty bat crazy. If you haven’t heard it yet here’s a preview.

All in all I’d have to say Kaskade’s mix of Ready For The Weekend truly put the crowd into hysterics. The original mix was by Icona Pop a swedish DJ female duo specializing in electropop who are absolutely grogeous. Definitely a duo to keep a lookout for. Couldn’t find Kaskade’s mix so here’s Icona Pop’s.

Here’s Hardwell doing his thing.

P.S.: Wish I could go for the Day 2 and witness Calvin Harris that beautiful man in all his wonder and Knife Party as well, but let’s face it I’m gettin’ too old for this shit

Am I the only one who who thinks he looks a bit like Ryan Gosling?