Rhye – Open (Bondax / Ryan Hemsworth Remix) [Lancaster, UK / Nova Scotia, CA]

Electronic / Downtempo / Synth

When Rhye first released Open a few months back, it’s one of those instant favorites. Since then it’s been pretty much remixed to death. Up till now, amongst all the clutter, Ryan Hemsworth’s mix has been my favorite version by a longshot. But it’s come to my attention that I’ve overlooked UK electronic duo Bondax who’ve made quite an impressive contribution as well. I’m gonna post both of them below, so take your pick. Or take ’em both !

Hear more Bondax at their soundcloud here

Hear more of Ryan Hemsworth at his soundcloud here.
Really check him out, everything he touches becomes gold. He’s like, the friggin’ music Midas.


Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) [London, UK]

Downtempo / Acoustic / Folktronica

Anybody else sick of all that hoo-ha over Daft Punk and RAM and specifically Get Lucky yet? Well it’s hard not to be, with rumours, leaks, and edits of their tunes gushing all over the place. I’d hardly be exaggerating to say that the search for music has been pretty much plastered with the helmet-clad duo’s footsteps lingering at every corner. But nevertheless, their talent and their music is undeniable, and the hype; unavoidable. So keeping that in mind, my favorite London based indie folk trio Daughter has taken it in their stride to give us a palette cleanser. Performed on BBC Radio’s live lounge, the trio has taken the funky and uplifting track and smothered it with a forbidding shade of downtempo minimalistic folktronica. I wouldn’t say this is one of their best tracks or covers by a long shot, but it’s definitely a refreshing break from all the pent-up hype. Haven’t heard anything much like this since Chet Faker’s chilled-out take on Black Street’s No Diggity.

You’ll definitely find more Daughter on this blog soon enough but if you’re adventurous enough, check them out at their soundcloud here.

Sia – Kill and Run [Adelaide, AU]

Soul / Downtempo
Former acid jazz singer Sia Furler finally returns to her roots after her stint with David Guetta, Hiltop Hoods and the like. Yes she’s the amazing vocalist in Titanium. That song you hear just about everywhere remixed in all sorts of different ways and keeping a strong hold in Billboard’s Top 10. She sure did justice there but when you hear Kill and Run, you’ll realize that beats and synth are but ball and chain holding her compelling vocals back. What she really needed was an orchestra to back her up, which is exactly what she got this time. In the spirit of upcoming Great Gatsby here’s more of the album dropping one track at a time. It’s starting to become pretty apparent that the soundtrack is trying to maintain an extravagant orchestral quality throughout. Looks like the Australian director Baz Luhrmann who brought us Romeo + Juliet and Mounlin Rouge! is prepared to make us another film using music as its backbone.

The xx – Together [London, UK]

Indie / Electronic / Instrumental / Downtempo

Haven’t entirely had the luxury to write recently, but this is something that I could not miss out on. And since we’re riding on the mood of the upcoming film it seems pretty apt. I’m sure for most, inclusive of myself, this is definitely the one track from the entire movie’s soundtrack that I could not wait to listen to. Unless I’m mistaken, using the xx’s music as a large scale seemingly decent film soundtrack is a first (To clear the air, I Am Number Four does not count by a long shot). I mean, this jus seems so remarkably implausible. It’s pretty much effortless to imagine this track pulsing in the background gracefully complimenting the troubled protagonist who goes through a deep self-reflecting soliloquy.  But enough of my fantasies. This track maintains the minimalist approach to music that the british band has always adopted and succeeded repeatedly at. However, at the 3:40 mark the orchestra comes in and the downtempo is traded for a fresh mood of suspense. Almost sounding like something you’d expect to accompany an Ian Fleming novel. This may not be one of their best tracks but it’s definitely one of their most unique.

Phoria – Bloodworks EP [Brighton, UK]

Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Post Rock / Ambient

Riding on the high of their unbelievable single Red released a few weeks back, dream pop quintet Phoria has proven us that they do not fall in that “one lucky single” category. Their all new EP Bloodworks includes the stunning single Red along with 4 other extremely refined tracks. It’s rare to see an album that maintains such constant and eloquent quality throughout; it’s pretty much faith inducing. The album’s only out on iTunes on April 29th so till the,n stream the whole EP at their soundcloud here.

Now draw yourself a bath, light some of those scented candles and hit play.

Check out this remix of Red, it’s pretty awesome.