Tom Misch & Carmody – Atmosphere [London, UK]

Jazz / Hip-Hop / Alternative Blues / Electronic / Downtempo / Synth

Credit: Part Time Wizards

I’ve been waiting forever to share this guy and pretty much everything he’s done with the world ! 18 year old composer/songwriter/beatmaker/violinist/singer/prodigy Tom Misch may be new but he’s definitely here to stay. I’d love to say he’s fresh out and has lots to learn but he’s already been featured on Soulection as well as on a few other keen music blogs. Rhythmic stand-off hip-hop beats and silky warm instrumentals (often synths, violin, sax and the piano), he’s created a recipe for success and all-around great soundtracks for lounging around. If you’re into the feline lifestyle (who isn’t?) then this stuff is for you. Fans of André 3000 and Mr. Carmack or those Majestic vibes should be getting all sorts of déja-vu goosebumps to this stuff.

Here is like, all his stuff so far. In case you can’t tell. I’m a bit of a fan.

Follow him at his soundcloud here as well as his facebook. Lotta free DLs/name yo prices, go cray.
He’s currently working with Carmody on a collab EP, stay on top of it at her soundcloud here.

P.S.: Exams coming up, shall become quite scarce for a bit ❤

Crywolf (Justin Phillips) – Eyes Half Closed [Los Angeles, US]

Dubstep / Electronic / Downtempo 

As feature previously here, he is possibly the most unique dubstep artist you’re going to find out there today. Not to put anything against Sonny Moore (soz. very creative new album btw.) but the genre can sound like more than just robots going to third base. When LA based Crywolf gets weaves together tracks like this, the robots suddenly become Wall-E and the jarring sounds are immediately graceful, melancholic and therapeutical,

Like the track suggests, close your eyes and cue the waterworks. Just all the feels.

The track’s being given out for free here as long as you purchase the upcoming six track EP Angels due release April 29th.
Follow him at his soundcloud here.

Copys – fisher-price i love you, don’t worry [Los Angeles, US]

Downtempo / Electronic


Luke Kim, brain behind electronic project Copys, has a very soft touch. Exploring the more delicate side of electronic music, his songs often come across as snapshots of feelings and moments. Immediacy in a song is often confused for greatness, but there has to be consideration for music that strolls along, that gives you space to think and breathe along with it. fisher-price i love you don’t worry doesn’t push you into anything; its closer to a gentle hand tugging you along through a garden of nostalgia. A simple Fisher-Price piano part slowly opens the song, removing you from time and making childhood feel both impossibly distant and incredibly close. When the synthesizer suddenly takes over the part, it feels like a sudden maturation, but the youthful ambiance is not lost–that two minutes of the piano makes its echoes well pronounced for the rest of the song. Other parts come in and, though it’s a slow build, when the spoken word part lands, it hits. Mumbling and fading out, the stream of consciousness is an impressionistic piece of poetry, reading like a child trying to make sense of the strange world surrounding them. Understanding what’s being said doesn’t matter, the words that poke through communicate emotions clearly through the muddiness. fisher-price autumn reader in its entirety explores these themes of youth, adulthood, and that funny place in-between intimately and passionately, with or without lyrics. You can try not to lose yourself in it, but you’ll feel perfectly at ease when you do.

Hear the entire EP here, and stay updates on all of Kim’s projects here.

Chet Faker – Melt ft. Kilo Kish [Melbourne, AU]

Downtempo / Synth / Electronica / R&B

Sexy, sophisticated yet easily digestible. This track is pretty much the musical equivalent of a dirty martini at a steakhouse. At first listen the track is carried by a seemingly simple synth line but you’ll soon realize its been propped up with all sorts clapping, clicking, and ticking; you name it. Melbourne based electronica/R&B musician Chet Faker has always been the ever-so-majestically-bearded harbinger of sultry vocals (refer to here or here.) When complimented with the talents of Brooklyn’s Kilo Kish, the track is brought to unheard levels of raw arousal. If you’re still worrying about that first date, skip the dinner and seal the deal with this.

Find yourself a pair of spare pants and give it a spin!

Hear more of Chet Faker at his soundcloud here and Kilo Kish here.

P.S.: Make sure to stalk him up as he’s apparently hard at work with his debut album!

Brand New – Out of Range [Long Island, US]

Downtempo / Emo / Rock

Brand New

This is Important with a capital “I.” Legends of emo, Brand New are at the same time very particular and very vague about releasing music (they are currently have “stuff” planned), and with their latest release, Daisy, which found them at their most interestingly experimental, nearing four years old, their fanbase has gotten pretty hungry for…well, anything. So when this “previously unreleased” track (which best guesses say has actually been around for a couple of years) finally found its way to popular attention, people went a little crazy–myself included. What’s great is that it can be over such a gorgeous track as well. Twinkling and glistening guitars fade in and out, like the shine of “gold and silver” bracelets, while dreamy vocals and distant harmonies fill in the rest of the ear candy that is this song. There is some angst, some existentialism in the lyrics here, but rather than repelling, it feels inviting. Playing like a pleasant dream about your worst fears, it feels like pure comfort.

Official Brand New website can be found here.