Maxo x Jonathan – Nice Feelings [New York, US]

Synth / Electronic / Psychedelic 

The third track off Ryan Hemsworth’s SECRET SONGS soundcloud page, this one’s a banger. Imagine traveling through space while skilfully dodging neon lasers as they take out all the assholes around you. Yep, a nice feeling’s what it is. It seems somewhat in trend to have artist recommended pages this days, with Diplo Approved currently at over 24,000 followers. But again, the logic’s sound. If the artist makes good music, probably listens to good music too.
Ryan Hemsworth’s page however goes beyond that. It’s fully run by him, no publicists, no press, no lables, no blogs and no premieres. Just free bi-weekly downloads for his friends. That’s the kinda friendship we can work with (:
And up till now, the tunes have been phenomenal. Full-on whack.

If you’ve not been following (been outta the friendship circle) the first track by 17 year old Tennyson was quite a pleasure as well, just gonna pop it down here. Hold on for 1.53 onwards.
“hi hi hi! this a song about missing her, cold beaches, kittens, running hugs, calculus and fruit salad”
Please teach me how not to love this kid.
P.S. what were you doing at that age? Yea. I know, samesies ):

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MØ – XXX 88 (Prod. Diplo) [Copenhagen, DE / Los Angeles, US]

Indie Pop / Trap / Electronic

Them Scandinavian chicks tend to be pretty crazy. But when you’re crazy good and crazy consistent it’s a real blessing. I really can’t help but point out how awesome it is to see a musician really letting it all lose (not twerking) and enjoying her music like Danish electro pop singer  does. I mean just look at those rotary braids, she is mixing up some pretty serious waves of ecstasy right there. With Diplo‘s input on the track, the trap elements come through in subtle and thoroughly enjoyable.

This here’s a track truly worth spontaneously riding off into the dessert to dance to.

Here’s a lil’ something more to aid in your head-bobbing.

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