Rustie – Attak ft. Danny Brown [Glasgow, UK]

Electronic / Trap / Rap

Did you hear Side B (Dope Song) off of Danny Brown’s fantastic 2013 album Old? If no, go ahead and treat yourself. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Wasn’t that great? Both as a song as well as an introduction to how  these two giants in their respective genres work together. Pleasant synthy intros lull you into thinking that you’re in for a luxurious pop song, until Danny’s killer flow comes in and completely stomps that idea out without remorse. Suddenly you’re hearing jittery drums coming in as jittery as machine gun fire and you’re trapped in the intensity of Danny Brown‘s words and Rustie‘s glitchy beat. They’re forgiving though, letting you up for a gasp of air when Attak retreats for a minute as it brings back the opening synth melody. It’s a trick that never fails though, as it’s actually just another build-up into the next pummeling drop. This track has got me all sorts of hyped for Rustie‘s next album Green Language, out August 26th via Warp.

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Jaisu – Suite In D Minor League [Edinburgh, UK]

Electronic / Hip-Hop


When you title a sample-based piece a “suite,” you immediately set up expectations of grandness. This track isn’t afraid of the big screen though–indeed, it lunges straight for the Oscar. Having collaborated with the likes of new rap wunderkind Danny Brown (listen to his latest album, Old, please, it’s one of this year’s best. Pretty please), Edinburgh producer Jaisu knows how to make a track monstrously big, but sparkle like a movie star’s smile. Suite In D Minor League takes you on a sonic journey. From the opening scene, with its slow-burning fanfare, to the snappy drums parts marching along, to the smooth guitar parts, until a jabbing strings part that brings the whole thing to a close–you are constantly watching and tagging along as this cinematic piece moves forward. The whole beat tape, A Short Album, works like this. It feels strongest as a whole piece, meant to be listened to in one smooth take. Short as it may be, there are plenty of little wonders to lose yourself in.

Hear all of A Short Album here, and learn more about the up-and-coming beat-tape label, Astral Black, here. (P.S. Be sure to thank Dummy Mag for the FREE download on this soundcloud player!!)