Rustie – Attak ft. Danny Brown [Glasgow, UK]

Electronic / Trap / Rap

Did you hear Side B (Dope Song) off of Danny Brown’s fantastic 2013 album Old? If no, go ahead and treat yourself. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Wasn’t that great? Both as a song as well as an introduction to how  these two giants in their respective genres work together. Pleasant synthy intros lull you into thinking that you’re in for a luxurious pop song, until Danny’s killer flow comes in and completely stomps that idea out without remorse. Suddenly you’re hearing jittery drums coming in as jittery as machine gun fire and you’re trapped in the intensity of Danny Brown‘s words and Rustie‘s glitchy beat. They’re forgiving though, letting you up for a gasp of air when Attak retreats for a minute as it brings back the opening synth melody. It’s a trick that never fails though, as it’s actually just another build-up into the next pummeling drop. This track has got me all sorts of hyped for Rustie‘s next album Green Language, out August 26th via Warp.

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Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dillon Francis Remix) [Los Angeles, US]

Electronic / Dance / Funk

Happy Easter all! Hope everyone’s enjoying the festive season and eating your own weights in chocolate, but lets not forget that diabetes is simply not in trend. Maybe next year. And yes, to help you haul that easter egg filled ass onto the treadmill, it’s that track again. As if you don’t own enough edits/samples of this oldie (but a goldie) already. However when Dillon Francis brought this back during Coachella, and by no means was it outdated. Let’s not lie to ourselves, it’s always gonna work. If you’ve got a million versions, this is the one to keep. Yea, Kanye, I said it.

Making it in music editing and photo editing. Some people just have everything.
Being booked two years in a row for Coachella, he’s a rare one.
Scoop up a free download (how generous!) as well as check out his other amazing recent mixes.

Joywave – Tongues ft. KOPPS (RAC Mix) [New York, US]

Indie Pop / Electronic / Funk / Remixes

Not even a second in and Boom Boom boom boom boom buhboomm boom. What an incredible track. There’s just too much funk cramped in, and hell it’s resulted in a fabulous glitzy explosion. Alongside Love Is All I Got by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters, this is definitely another track on my 2013 favorites list. By all means check out the original which is more than decent but trust me when I say RAC has really outdone it this time. So dance floor worthy it’d probably single-handedly start a flashmob. Share my obsession and hop over to soundcloud for a free download!

Show Kopps, Joywave and RAC some love for making such an amazing song!


I just came by this remix by The Hood Internet and wow, it’s definitely worth a listen. You’ll find the track below so take your pick !

Hear more of The Hood Internet at their soundcloud here.

Satellite Stories – Scandinavian Girls [Oulu, FI]

Indie Rock / Dance / Pop

Looks like they aren’t too young to have good taste (;

Since the release of their debut album Phrases To Break The Ice in last year September, the Finnish Indie Rock quartet as been hard at work releasing an album of remixed singles and touring as far as Japan and Taiwan.
If you haven’t heard the notoriously contagious single Helsinki Art Scene yet you’ll be pleased to discover this band simply overflowing with adolescent energy. Seriously, I can imagine these guys playing for some kickass party at Chuck E. Cheese. No but seriously, how old are these guys? It’s like they were born with those guitars. Fans of Two Door Cinema Club and Vampire Weekend will definitely be pleased to find more prominent artists in this genre.
Hear more from them at their soundcloud here.

For those who’ve watched the music video’s teaser beforehand….
Join me in unwarranted disappointment  )’:

Below’s a pretty hefty playlist of their songs. I can’t begin to emphasise how much I love these guys. Not so much because of their music but that pure blissful mood that their music submerges me in.

“Our mission is to bring you nostalgia from events that you never really experienced, like the 60s, first kiss from your elementary school crush and the time you and your best friend bought that awesome 45-single and listened it from your parents record player. We play scenes from all of your favourite movies in the form of jangly, anglular, energetic and always danceable indie music. We want people who listen to our music from records and who come to our gigs to have good time, dance and enjoy life as it is. This is it!”
How can you not root for these guys? They’re just so beautiful.
Like One Direction but, well, loveable.