Rubblebucket – Michelle (The Beatles Cover) [Brooklyn, US]

Indie Pop / Psychedelic / Covers

How have I not heard this yet? I think this was released about 3 years ago but wow this is HUGE. When lead female vocalist Kalmia Tarver transitions between English and French it’s almost too much to take.
With the colourful instrumentals (notably the anchoring trumpet), the vocals are buried in layers of class. This cover sincerely does justice by the original  by successfully adding a contemporary touch and yet keeping its roots.
It’s like the circle of life people. Great track dies, reincarnates itself in psychedelic heaven.

Hear more of the Brooklyn troupe at their soundcloud here.


Wilsen – Oblivion (Grimes Cover) [New York, US]

Dream Pop / Folk / Downtempo / Covers

If like myself you’ve enjoyed Claire Boucher (Grimes) but been completely mystified over how Oblivion scored Pitchfork’s song of the year, listen to this cover and perhaps it might clarify things. It sure helped convince me.
New York based group Wilsen’s version has rendered the track much more folksy and approachable, drawing out a tender bone-chilling quality. Fans of Daughter and Cat Power are sure to catch on their sound quickly. It’s no wonder they’ve been the supporting act for Daughter’s tour. 

Enough said, check it out yourself.

I’m gonna go ahead and post another track of theirs, Dusk below because it’s just too good. Lead vocalist Tasmin Wilson’s voice is simply ethereal.

Needless to say these guys are gonna be huge.

If you like what you’ve heard, check out their soundcloud here, personally I can’t get enough of them.

Ellie Goulding – Tesselate (Alt-J Cover) [Lyonshall, UK]

Indie Rock / Electronic / Bedroom Soul

Oh wow, it just seems like everything Ellie Goulding touches instantly melts into this smooth creamy vanilla magic. I can’t help but point out that she’s probably one of the most appropriately appreciated female vocalists the media has to offer. If you’ve heard her cover of Active Child’s Hanging On then, case and point. (If you haven’t then here it is: link) So when she covered Alt-J’s Tessellate, saying that I was ecstatic would be a severe understatement. The british indie rock band’s album An Awesome Wave was probably one of the most exciting and original finds of 2012 and the track probably was no doubt a challenge to cover but Ellie Goulding’s rearrangement and mellow vocals has successfully changed it into musical foreplay (if that isn’t enough, producer Xaphoon Jones throws in a jazzy saxophone solo to make sure it gets you going all the way). As amazing as the original is, this cover renders it sizeably unrecognisable. And no doubt, in a pretty awesome way.

I’m sure we’re all more than well informed of Ellie Goulding’s movements but if you’re not already neck-deep in Alt-J‘s music (solemnly judging you) check them out at their soundcloud here.

SPEAK – Girlsongs [Austin, US]

A Capella / Indie Pop / Soul / Covers

It’s barely been a week since Austin based quartet SPEAK first released their amazing single Peaks and they’re already back at it. And this time it’s a whole EP of covers. As the title Girlsongs suggests, they’ve covered songs exclusively originally done by female vocalists. And if that’s not enough, it’s all done A Capella. The EP’s got a pretty decent and daring selection ranging from Little Dragon’s (Yukimi Nagano) Little Man (my personal favorite) to a brave yet impressive take on Alica Key’s prominently overdone, yes you guessed it, If I Ain’t Got You. Despite taking on the music of some vastly renowned female vocalists, I’ve got to the say that they’ve managed to spray a coat of metaphorical fresh paint on these tracks, easily succeeding in the stunning display of their proficiency in vocals and arrangements.

Hit them up at their soundcloud here for free downloads of the entire EP !

Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) [London, UK]

Downtempo / Acoustic / Folktronica

Anybody else sick of all that hoo-ha over Daft Punk and RAM and specifically Get Lucky yet? Well it’s hard not to be, with rumours, leaks, and edits of their tunes gushing all over the place. I’d hardly be exaggerating to say that the search for music has been pretty much plastered with the helmet-clad duo’s footsteps lingering at every corner. But nevertheless, their talent and their music is undeniable, and the hype; unavoidable. So keeping that in mind, my favorite London based indie folk trio Daughter has taken it in their stride to give us a palette cleanser. Performed on BBC Radio’s live lounge, the trio has taken the funky and uplifting track and smothered it with a forbidding shade of downtempo minimalistic folktronica. I wouldn’t say this is one of their best tracks or covers by a long shot, but it’s definitely a refreshing break from all the pent-up hype. Haven’t heard anything much like this since Chet Faker’s chilled-out take on Black Street’s No Diggity.

You’ll definitely find more Daughter on this blog soon enough but if you’re adventurous enough, check them out at their soundcloud here.