Chet Faker – Melt ft. Kilo Kish [Melbourne, AU]

Downtempo / Synth / Electronica / R&B

Sexy, sophisticated yet easily digestible. This track is pretty much the musical equivalent of a dirty martini at a steakhouse. At first listen the track is carried by a seemingly simple synth line but you’ll soon realize its been propped up with all sorts clapping, clicking, and ticking; you name it. Melbourne based electronica/R&B musician Chet Faker has always been the ever-so-majestically-bearded harbinger of sultry vocals (refer to here or here.) When complimented with the talents of Brooklyn’s Kilo Kish, the track is brought to unheard levels of raw arousal. If you’re still worrying about that first date, skip the dinner and seal the deal with this.

Find yourself a pair of spare pants and give it a spin!

Hear more of Chet Faker at his soundcloud here and Kilo Kish here.

P.S.: Make sure to stalk him up as he’s apparently hard at work with his debut album!


Say Lou Lou – Fool Of Me ft. Chet Faker [Stockholm, SE / Melbourne, AU]

Indie / Dream Pop

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 12.29.34 AM

I’m sure most of you know Australian electronica musician Chet Faker (Nicholas James Murphy) from his chilled out cover of No Diggity a few months back or maybe from his awesome beard. Since then, he’s been pretty busy with remixes, live sessions and being featured in an awesome track with Sydney based electronic producer Flume over here. Yea that’s some pretty good stuff. So when stockholm based dream pop duo Say Lou Lou featured Chet Faker on the ‘B’ side of of their single Julian I was naturally prepared for some ‘A’ side material, and that’s exactly what I got.

“Had a dream that I could teach you how to love
My machine hired to reach inside your rib cage
Flip a switch and you engage.”

IF you like what you’ve heard so far, check out Maybe You at Say Lou Lou’s soundcloud here and Chet Faker at his soundcloud here.

Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) [London, UK]

Downtempo / Acoustic / Folktronica

Anybody else sick of all that hoo-ha over Daft Punk and RAM and specifically Get Lucky yet? Well it’s hard not to be, with rumours, leaks, and edits of their tunes gushing all over the place. I’d hardly be exaggerating to say that the search for music has been pretty much plastered with the helmet-clad duo’s footsteps lingering at every corner. But nevertheless, their talent and their music is undeniable, and the hype; unavoidable. So keeping that in mind, my favorite London based indie folk trio Daughter has taken it in their stride to give us a palette cleanser. Performed on BBC Radio’s live lounge, the trio has taken the funky and uplifting track and smothered it with a forbidding shade of downtempo minimalistic folktronica. I wouldn’t say this is one of their best tracks or covers by a long shot, but it’s definitely a refreshing break from all the pent-up hype. Haven’t heard anything much like this since Chet Faker’s chilled-out take on Black Street’s No Diggity.

You’ll definitely find more Daughter on this blog soon enough but if you’re adventurous enough, check them out at their soundcloud here.