Free n Losh – Your Mother Should Know (The Beatles x Bob Marley) [Toronto, CA]

Trap / Electronic / Synth

Celebrating 5000 hits on their facebook  page, Toronto based Canadian duo Free N Losh have done the unthinkable. Put Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and The Beatles’ Your Mother Should Know” in a single track. Just, trap, trap and more trap all around. With tons of massive artist names in this barely over 2 minute track, it sure is a banger. You know what else your mother should know about? All the amazing stuff the duo’s been up to. They’ve definitely hit a stride with their original You Had My Mind  and have ben pretty damn prolific since. Support their cause in genuinely original productions with none of that I’ve heard that before bullshit; as well as them supporting all the artists they sample.
Don’t gotta be a fan of trap to be amazed. (:

As the name suggests, check out their soundcloud or facebook for tons of FREE DLs.
All the great tunes are out for free (limited time as they may be). So if you’ve got some change to spare, don’t spend it on soda. It’s no good for you. Use it to support these guys right here!

Please do it, just phenomenal work all around!


Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix) [Nine Mile, JM]

Reggae / Electronic / Remixes

Bob Marley has always been a symbol of musical freedom, and to some extent blazing a 420 in itself. Coming from the first Jamaican singer/songwriter to achieve international popularity, it’s no wonder terrible remixes of his music have been consistently produced. When I first got wind of the concept album Bob Marley and The Wailers Legend: Remixed,  I was pretty ready for disappointment. The album’s aim was to fuse his reggae with electronic elements in an attempt to create a genre of contemporary reggae that would be more suitable to current tastes. In most reggae remixes, I found the electronic elements rarely complimented but instead stifled the signature rhythmic elements of reggae (yes, refer to Benny Benassi‘s dreadful dance track). That was until I picked up on this track which could possibly be the best remix of Bob Marley or RAC that i’ve had the luck to feast my ears upon (And trust me there’s been a whole lot).

The rest of the album’s up for preorder here on iTunes.
And if you wanna show RAC some love, do so here.