Johnny Lloyd – Pilgrims [London, UK]

Dream Pop / Shoegaze / Alternative Rock

We don’t have much to go on when it comes to London based act Johnny Lloyd. We’ve got his facebook and twitter page but that’s about as far as it goes. What we do know, is that he’s currently on tour playing through UK, Germany, and France. With only two tracks on his soundcloud to go on, it’s remarkable how well he’s demonstrated his ability to go far. It’s gonna be a lot easier letting the music speak for itself. Nostalgia is impeccably cued at the 2.33 mark, just wait for it.

*edit* Johnny’s just coming off the success as previous lead guitar/vocalist of Camden based four piece alternative rock band Tribes that split in 2013. Given it’s quite a different sound but HOW DID WE NOT SEE THIS.

Almost can’t help but say  “Remember when music used to be good?”

If you’re hooked and in Europe currently, get tickets to catch him here.



Chromeo – Ezra’s Interlude ft. Ezra Koenig [Montreal, CA]

Acoustic / Ballad

That charm. It’s dangerous.

Every track of White Women leaked so far has been arguably amazing. When Chromeo first announced the collaborators for their new album we were all pretty psyched. With A$AP Ferg and Toro Y Moi already part of the team, we were all secretly hoping for a second collab with Vampire Weekend’s well groomed sweetheart Ezra Koenig. (seriously have you seen his hair? How does One D even exist). Previously they’ve worked together three years back on I Could Be Wrong as part of Business Casual which was just… so right. But that then Ezra took on Chromeo’s style resulting in a rather funky track. This time with this 2 minute interlude, it has taken on a completely Hannah Hunt type piano ballad heart wrenching approach. When it comes to serenading, nobody does it quite like he does.

White Women is due to be released May 12. Keep up here.

Speaking of awesome things that are happening to Chromeo. Dillon Francis, that’s what.

Radiator Hospital – Please Thrill Me [Philadelphia, US]

Lo-fi / Indie / Pop

radiator hospital

As soon as I heard the doo-wop infected opener of most recent album, the aptly titled Something Wild, I knew that this band was going to be something fun. The friendly voice of Sam Cook-Parrott, the catch pop/punk-ish hooks, and general good vibes of it all–this Philadelphia outfit is simple and fun music with an emotional heft to it that hits without knocking you to the ground. Quietly releasing 6 track from TOTAL REQUEST, a split with Chicago friend Kyle Kaos, the tracks themselves are anything but quiet. Lo-fi, fuzzy goodness abound, the set ends with a straightforward acoustic piece Please Thrill Me about liking someone a lot. It’s cutesy in the most adorable way and doesn’t try to be anything other than an attempt to capture the excitement of a crush. A perfect addition to that mixtape for that special someone this upcoming Valentine’s Day. In the song, Sam exclaims over and over that he doesn’t want to slow down, and I can only hope that he never does, both in term of this project’s output and or feeling as strongly as this song makes me do.

Keep up with Sam on his WordPress or on Facebook, and maybe throw some bucks his way for TOTAL REQUEST (though it’s available for free!).

Perfume Uniform – Cologne [Cologne, DE / Hordaland, NO]

Synth Pop / Electro / Tech-House  / Experimental / Nu Disco / Lo-Fi / Acoustic

Being a self-proclaimed music website has its perks. This means that we get loads of submissions from musicians themselves instead of having to go through the tedious (yet rewarding) search process ourselves. However, more times than not these submissions are not exactly what we’re looking for.

That’s why Perform Uniform’s EP Cologne was such a pleasant surprise. Running through the entire EP was like an easter egg hunt with bewildering versatility at every corner. At the risk of exaggerating but with sincere disbelief, this is possibly the most versatile set of tracks I’ve heard in quite a while if not up till now. Not only did the EP consist of so many different genres, each of the tracks themselves were genre-spliced. So much so that calling it experimental would be a massive understatement. Apparently the Norwegian/German trio have been working on the EP since 2006; but if you think you’ve heard anything like it, be prepared to stand corrected. I’d try to define their music with a blend of synth pop, electro, tech-house, disco and strangely enough acoustic. But using a fusion of familiar names like Michael Jackson, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Kavinsky, and Crystal Castles might paint a clearer picture. Make sure you run through the entire set, the stunning inconsistency is almost as much a novelty as it is a pleasure.

Enough said, I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Purchase the entire EP at your own price off bandcamp here and follow them at their soundcloud here.

Daughter – Run [London, UK]

Indie Folk / Acoustic

It’s been more than a little while since our disappearance but priorities really do catch up with you, in a really bitchy sorta way. Before you realize, you’ve taken such a long break that it becomes pretty damn intimidating to even write up a new post. But again it’d be selfish not to share. So henceforth, music will be shared as it is with or without all this writing that y’all probably never read anyways !

Enjoy this semi-new track from Daughter, it’s probably my new favorite and that’s saying a lot because they’re very prolific and so much of what they’ve done so far is gold.

Show them some love at their soundcloud here
Btw, is anybody else aware of this freespace thing?
It’s ridiculous, totes gonna link y’all up right here