Crywolf (Justin Phillips) – Eyes Half Closed [Los Angeles, US]

Dubstep / Electronic / Downtempo 

As feature previously here, he is possibly the most unique dubstep artist you’re going to find out there today. Not to put anything against Sonny Moore (soz. very creative new album btw.) but the genre can sound like more than just robots going to third base. When LA based Crywolf gets weaves together tracks like this, the robots suddenly become Wall-E and the jarring sounds are immediately graceful, melancholic and therapeutical,

Like the track suggests, close your eyes and cue the waterworks. Just all the feels.

The track’s being given out for free here as long as you purchase the upcoming six track EP Angels due release April 29th.
Follow him at his soundcloud here.

Free n Losh – Your Mother Should Know (The Beatles x Bob Marley) [Toronto, CA]

Trap / Electronic / Synth

Celebrating 5000 hits on their facebook  page, Toronto based Canadian duo Free N Losh have done the unthinkable. Put Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and The Beatles’ Your Mother Should Know” in a single track. Just, trap, trap and more trap all around. With tons of massive artist names in this barely over 2 minute track, it sure is a banger. You know what else your mother should know about? All the amazing stuff the duo’s been up to. They’ve definitely hit a stride with their original You Had My Mind  and have ben pretty damn prolific since. Support their cause in genuinely original productions with none of that I’ve heard that before bullshit; as well as them supporting all the artists they sample.
Don’t gotta be a fan of trap to be amazed. (:

As the name suggests, check out their soundcloud or facebook for tons of FREE DLs.
All the great tunes are out for free (limited time as they may be). So if you’ve got some change to spare, don’t spend it on soda. It’s no good for you. Use it to support these guys right here!

Please do it, just phenomenal work all around!

Major Lazer x Spazzkid – Getting To Know De Floor [Los Angeles, US]

Electronic / Dancehall / Experimental

He mixes so hard, them birds migrate.

If y’all aren’t familiar with Spazzkid, it is the creative outlet of Los Angeles based Mark Redito and his friends. I think he’s originally from the Phillipines but who knows!

His music blends video game sounds, Skype sounds! (as you heard) as well as percussive synth pop and even
j-pop influences to create his own unique vision of candy electro. (Sure seems pretty in nowadays huh? with the rise of Chvrches and HAERTS)

Just released less than a week ago, this track has quickly become a guilty pleasure of mine. Getting To Know De Floor was actually some sort of joke spinoff from infamous (hope there’s no disagreement here!) Pon De Floor and Getting To Know You from Spazzkid’s recent album Desire released in the April of 2013 which only took him about a year to make but is simply stunning. From production, to artwork, and multi-cultural influences, it’s simply intriguing.
If you’ve not heard his album and you like his sound,  name your price and get it off his band camp here.
Yes i’m talking to y’all fans of Cashmere Cat, Biblo or even Four Tet.

Show him some love at this soundcloud here!

Elliphant – Could It Be / Music Is Life [Stockholm, SE]

Reggae / Dancehall / Electronic / Pop

Swedish reggae pop. That should be enough to keep you going.

Fans of Yolandi Visser, Azealia Banks, M.I.A or other miscellaneous female badassery should be able to easily find favour in  Swedish MC/Producer Elliphant. When I heard Music Is Life a few months back, I was instantly smitten. I’m not generally a fan of reggae but damn my head was bobbing. With the recent semi-leaking of her album A Good Idea I knew that I had to stop being selfish and share her with the world. Not that i’d actually decided to become generous (oh please); but because my inner hipster needed this post so that I could someday show that I got to her before radio stations started drawing wildly inappropriate parallels between her and Bob Marley based solely on her reggae elements. If you’re looking for something chill you’d be mistaken. Her music is crazy dance-worthy and if your heads don’t bop y’all better have a good excuse. Or a neck brace. 

There’s not much up yet but follow Elliphant at her soundcloud here.

MØ – XXX 88 (Prod. Diplo) [Copenhagen, DE / Los Angeles, US]

Indie Pop / Trap / Electronic

Them Scandinavian chicks tend to be pretty crazy. But when you’re crazy good and crazy consistent it’s a real blessing. I really can’t help but point out how awesome it is to see a musician really letting it all lose (not twerking) and enjoying her music like Danish electro pop singer  does. I mean just look at those rotary braids, she is mixing up some pretty serious waves of ecstasy right there. With Diplo‘s input on the track, the trap elements come through in subtle and thoroughly enjoyable.

This here’s a track truly worth spontaneously riding off into the dessert to dance to.

Here’s a lil’ something more to aid in your head-bobbing.

Show her some love at her soundcloud here