andddd, It’s a wrap !

After about a day’s work we’ve officially shifted over to WordPress. Fortunately the blog’s still new and undeveloped so there wasn’t all that much to shift. It did take a while getting used to the user-friendliness of WordPress though. Okay honest to god most of the time was spent trying to find the right theme, making a new header of the site and basically the appearance (oh how vain!).

Can’t help but think the trouble we’d save ourselves if we started here in the first place. In fact halfway through I kinda felt like ditching everything we’ve got up till now and just starting from scratch. Despite Posterous’s promise that it’d be a “smooth and easy transition”, at some point I felt something like this.


But nevertheless, it’s been fun packing and unpacking the handful of posts that we had and being a new blogger it’s been quite an educational experience. The content’s still the same, if not better so please continue to support us here and don’t do any of that boycotting just because WordPress is too mainstream for you hipsters.

Soooo yea, it’s a wrap!  Heh heh. Get it? Moving,, bubble wrap? ……No?  ):