Deluxe – Pony (Shanghai Fête de la Musique) [ Aix en Provence, FR ]

Funk / Electronic / Hip Hop / Jazz


Can we hear you sing?

So I’m currently in Shanghai and this weekend happens to be the Fête de la Musique. For those that aren’t in the loop, it’s an amazing day and concept of “music everywhere and concerts nowhere”, for the first day of summer: June 21st. Honestly, who says no to free concerts? Even more so when the guest performers are the kind that automatically get your dancing pants on. Or skirts. You know what I mean.

Now imagine this song “Pony” playing live in front of you, jazzy saxophone and all. And if you want some serious funks and grooves check out “My Game” ;).

Deluxe - Pony

Boolap, Balap, Balalalap

Someone said this before me already, but ’tis true, how can you not love a band that has a rainbow moustache as their logo? Check out their soundcloud here and show them some more love on facebook and youtube.

Also if you’re cool like me and in Shanghai, here’s the Fete de la Musique homepage, still a few shows you can catch!

Yup just hoping I can make you feel how out of this world it was with all my extra photos.



Kawehi – Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead) [Lawrence, US]

Alternative Rock / Electronic / Synth / Downtempo / Covers

Completely grooving to her own music, Kawehi’s cover of Fake Plastic Trees puts a new beat on Radiohead’s song. Same equally mellow anxious vibe that hits the moment she starts to sing though.

If you want to see her do more amazing things with a loop pedal, here she is singing Nirvana, and for a powerful and profound original entirely completed with her own voice, that would be here where she sings about Neda’s death in 2009 in the Iranian democracy movement.

Follow her on youtube, fb, or check out her latest kickstarter project (that’s already finished but still just as awesome).