About Us

Who Are We?

We’re the kids your parents warned you about. Nahh if only we were that cool, we’re the kids with too much to do yet too much time on their hands.

This blog’s run by Kenneth Lim and Julie Yang. We met back in Guangzhou, China and attended the same middle school back in 2005 or so and have been in touch since then. Since SARS was rampant back then, and surviving it was obviously a sign that we’re some sort of messiahs; here we are carrying bountiful post-epidemic scripture. Feel free to treat our posts as your new holy scripture, we’ll be reasonably flattered 😉

So What Are We Doing Here?

Just your average people that believe there’s more to share than our personal lives. We’re here to hopefully get you interested in stuff that we’re ecstatic about.

How Do You Contribute?

That’s mighty generous of you! I’m going to assume you’re a strict believer of karma, rest assured you will be heftily rewared with our cyber blessings and goodwill.

But if you ever feel like helping us with a new post submission, advertising or any other inquires *wink wink* please contact us at wanderlustfm@gmail.com

If you’d like to show us some love or you’re feeling mighty generous, feel free to help us out by making a donation.

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This one’s for those of you who’re too hipster for fixed values.
Y’all are our targeted consumer pool after all, don’t y’all go and forget that 😉


Rest assured your money will only go towards the expansion of the site and hopefully eventually moving to a self-hosted domain. So to all y’all big spenders, help us show you a good time !

Are We Legal?

What isn’t nowadays? Heh. Now that’s something to think about.

Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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