Radiator Hosptial – Cut Your Bangs [Philadelphia, US]

Pop / Punk / Rock

Sam Cook-Parrott loves him those oldies, and I’ll be damned if I don’t love that he does. Hot on the heels of the quasi-split album TOTAL REQUEST with Kyle Kaos from back in January (which we showed some love), Philadelphia pop-punk outfit Radiator Hospital are releasing a new, proper LP in September that is already available for (free [if you’re heartless]) download, titled Torch Song (to be physically released via Salinas Records in August), which is an open-ended album exploring the different kinds of relationships you can have in your life and how weird and wonderful they all are. Cut Your Bangs is an excellent bridge between this new album, and previous album-opener Do You Remember? in its shared love for that swinging doo-wop feel that nearly forces you to sway your shoulders. It is a nice call-back amidst the much more explosive pop-punk that makes up most of this new album, with the sweet chorus depicting a friendly (romantically?) tease about a cosmetic choice repeated between verses of progressive doom and gloom. The ostensibly amusing quickness of little white lies turning into maggots nestling in the liar’s dead heart perfectly captures the hopeless romantic in Cook-Parrott dramatically distraught when a relationship doesn’t quite work out as it should. Radiator Hospital’s explosive music and lovelorn lyrics can be ridiculous and heartbreaking and even a little uncomfortable, but what keeps you coming back for more is that, above all, it’s always fun.

The name-your-price new album is very much worth checking out, as well as the band’s facebook page and own wordpress!


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