Little Dragon – Paris [Gothenburg, SE]

Electronic/ Alternative Pop

Swedish four piece Little Dragon have been a long time favourite of mine. With tracks like Little Man still receiving well-deserved rotation on a daily basis, their upcoming album Nabuma Rubberband is exciting news. The band’s been around for just about two decades now, and has pretty much established its reputation as a benchmark in alternative pop. Yukimi Nagano the lead vocalist a figurehead in indie female crushes (don’t you dare tell me I’m alone on this!). Despite having done pretty well for themselves so far, the new album is definitely taking on a new direction with a more electronic, synth-fused and aggressive approach. With the two released tracks Paris and Klapp Klapp, I gotta say I’m rather impartial so far. However with the ever-changing nature of music, it’s not good enough to simply stick to a recipe for success and the band sure is taking a creative approach to changing up their music.

Tell us what you think, personally, I’m pretty damn keen for the album release on May 13.

There’s the band sharing their creative process. Look out for more leaks right here.


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