TÂCHES – Malindi ft. Jessica Sophie [London, UK]

Deep House / Electronic / Lounge

Myseterious UK electronic producer TÂCHES is back at it again with another lounge-worthy track featuring the vocals of 16 year old songstress Jessica Sophie who seems to be making more and more appearances in the electronic scene. This is the second time she’s worked with TÂCHES; but she’s also been two timing with another UK producer KAASI. Check that out here, it’s pretty great. Malindi‘s probably not exactly the track to get all down and sweaty to, but the playful synths sure are enough to get your head bobbing. Fans of Ta-Ku or Sango should be able to jump right into this.

“Hello. These are some sounds I made late at night. I can’t say I was tired but I was certainly dreaming.”

Check out all of TÂCHES and show some support here. plus FREE DL!
Also show the incredibly talented Jessica Sophie some love at her facebook here.

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