Shintaro Sakamoto – Wine Glass Woman (Mayer Hawthorne Cover) [Tokyo, JP]

Pop / Soul

yep. definitely a musician.

As part of record store day in 2014, Shintaro Sakamoto lead guitarist of Tokyo underground psychedelic rock three piece Yura Yura Teikoku ゆらゆら帝国 (translated as The Wobbling Empire) will release a split 7” record with none other than the ridiculously multi-talented Mayer Hawthorne. While Sakamoto does a Japanese take on Wine Glass WomanMayer does an english version of In A Phantom Mood (great track for any island getaway). This Sakamoto covered originally Pharrell Williams (that man is everywhere!) produced soulful pop track is definitely a fresh experience. I’d even go so far to say a gateway track to J-rock.

Yes! Finally a reason to get some diversity on this blog! *freeze frame jump*

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