Elliphant – Could It Be / Music Is Life [Stockholm, SE]

Reggae / Dancehall / Electronic / Pop

Swedish reggae pop. That should be enough to keep you going.

Fans of Yolandi Visser, Azealia Banks, M.I.A or other miscellaneous female badassery should be able to easily find favour in  Swedish MC/Producer Elliphant. When I heard Music Is Life a few months back, I was instantly smitten. I’m not generally a fan of reggae but damn my head was bobbing. With the recent semi-leaking of her album A Good Idea I knew that I had to stop being selfish and share her with the world. Not that i’d actually decided to become generous (oh please); but because my inner hipster needed this post so that I could someday show that I got to her before radio stations started drawing wildly inappropriate parallels between her and Bob Marley based solely on her reggae elements. If you’re looking for something chill you’d be mistaken. Her music is crazy dance-worthy and if your heads don’t bop y’all better have a good excuse. Or a neck brace. 

There’s not much up yet but follow Elliphant at her soundcloud here.


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