Son Lux – Lost It to Trying [New York City, US]

Experimental / Electronic

son_lux_5I would say I miss Sufjan Stevens, since he hasn’t released a proper full length since 2010’s marvelous Age of Adz, but his thoughts and his music are always here. And when listening to classically trained Ryan Lott, aka Son Lux, you are made acutely aware of this fact, and then quickly made to forget it as boldness quickly takes over the powerful and intricate instrumentation that clearly sets itself apart from the ethereal quality so fondly associated with Stevens’. From the beginning of Lost It to Trying, the slightly aged first single from upcoming Lanterns (due out October 29th via Joyful Noise), that punch of a bass line from some monstrously deep synths, soon accompanied by others fluttering about almost without direction nearly fool you into thinking they are some kind of frenzied orchestra. Then a choir is mixed in to elevate Lott’s words into the territory of sublime, despite the feeling of loss and confusion in the lyrics; a juxtaposition that hits as strong as black and white. It’s thrilling and most importantly uplifting, which is maybe why there’s so much muscle thrust into the instrumental concoction here: we may lose in our endeavors, but it is paramount we do not bow to that darkness. We bow to the light.

Pre-order the fantastic upcoming album and explore Lott’s back catalog here.


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