Lorde – Pure Heroine [Mt Eden North, NZ]

Indie Pop / Soul / Electronic

Glad to say there’s more than just freaky pictures of her now (:

Remember when we last wrote about the 16-year-old songstress back in February ? Well I’ve gotta say with the recent release of her new album Pure Heroine, there’s simply no room left for skepticism. For an artist of such youth, the maturity in her music and her vocals are uncanny. Even though it does feel slightly hefty to finish in a single sitting, the album maintained excellent quality throughout without tempting me to drop any tracks immediately. And that’s saying a lot considering my minimal attention span and severely judgemental predispositions. Hands down one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year!

Fans of Lana Del Rey or Grimes should be able to dive straight into this.
Personal favorites are well The Love Club (of course), the previously released single Tennis CourtBuzzcut Season, and Team.

Follow her soundcloud here.
Get the entire album off the iTunes store here.


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