Copys – fisher-price i love you, don’t worry [Los Angeles, US]

Downtempo / Electronic


Luke Kim, brain behind electronic project Copys, has a very soft touch. Exploring the more delicate side of electronic music, his songs often come across as snapshots of feelings and moments. Immediacy in a song is often confused for greatness, but there has to be consideration for music that strolls along, that gives you space to think and breathe along with it. fisher-price i love you don’t worry doesn’t push you into anything; its closer to a gentle hand tugging you along through a garden of nostalgia. A simple Fisher-Price piano part slowly opens the song, removing you from time and making childhood feel both impossibly distant and incredibly close. When the synthesizer suddenly takes over the part, it feels like a sudden maturation, but the youthful ambiance is not lost–that two minutes of the piano makes its echoes well pronounced for the rest of the song. Other parts come in and, though it’s a slow build, when the spoken word part lands, it hits. Mumbling and fading out, the stream of consciousness is an impressionistic piece of poetry, reading like a child trying to make sense of the strange world surrounding them. Understanding what’s being said doesn’t matter, the words that poke through communicate emotions clearly through the muddiness. fisher-price autumn reader in its entirety explores these themes of youth, adulthood, and that funny place in-between intimately and passionately, with or without lyrics. You can try not to lose yourself in it, but you’ll feel perfectly at ease when you do.

Hear the entire EP here, and stay updates on all of Kim’s projects here.


Jaisu – Suite In D Minor League [Edinburgh, UK]

Electronic / Hip-Hop


When you title a sample-based piece a “suite,” you immediately set up expectations of grandness. This track isn’t afraid of the big screen though–indeed, it lunges straight for the Oscar. Having collaborated with the likes of new rap wunderkind Danny Brown (listen to his latest album, Old, please, it’s one of this year’s best. Pretty please), Edinburgh producer Jaisu knows how to make a track monstrously big, but sparkle like a movie star’s smile. Suite In D Minor League takes you on a sonic journey. From the opening scene, with its slow-burning fanfare, to the snappy drums parts marching along, to the smooth guitar parts, until a jabbing strings part that brings the whole thing to a close–you are constantly watching and tagging along as this cinematic piece moves forward. The whole beat tape, A Short Album, works like this. It feels strongest as a whole piece, meant to be listened to in one smooth take. Short as it may be, there are plenty of little wonders to lose yourself in.

Hear all of A Short Album here, and learn more about the up-and-coming beat-tape label, Astral Black, here. (P.S. Be sure to thank Dummy Mag for the FREE download on this soundcloud player!!)

Dowsing – Meant to Shred [Chicago, US]

Emo / Pop / Rock

dowsingEmo is often stereotyped as being a way for sad boys to cry about their break-ups in public with a crowd screaming along to validate their feelings and is quite often accurate. That said, the genre doesn’t always take emotions as seriously as the name and stigma suggests. Illinoisian band Dowsing are particularly known for their willingness to ride on the goofy side, with their debut titled It’s Still Pretty Terrible which features the track Gengar! Gengar! Gengar! (and if that Pokemon reference doesn’t make you at least smirk, then I’m sorry your childhood was so bleak and empty). Meant to Shred, fourth track off of this year’s I Don’t Even Care Anymore (released by Count Your Lucky Stars Records) pops out clearly from the album with its shiny, pop hooks of pure gold and buoyant gang vocals. The topic is still a break-up note “meant to shred” at the newly single narrator’s dignity, keeping their face aimed sullenly at the ground, so it’s still very much “emo,” but when sad jams feel this good–that’s just a whole other level of music altogether.

Check out the band’s catalog here, or similar music on the CYLS’ bandcamp here.

Perfume Uniform – Cologne [Cologne, DE / Hordaland, NO]

Synth Pop / Electro / Tech-House  / Experimental / Nu Disco / Lo-Fi / Acoustic

Being a self-proclaimed music website has its perks. This means that we get loads of submissions from musicians themselves instead of having to go through the tedious (yet rewarding) search process ourselves. However, more times than not these submissions are not exactly what we’re looking for.

That’s why Perform Uniform’s EP Cologne was such a pleasant surprise. Running through the entire EP was like an easter egg hunt with bewildering versatility at every corner. At the risk of exaggerating but with sincere disbelief, this is possibly the most versatile set of tracks I’ve heard in quite a while if not up till now. Not only did the EP consist of so many different genres, each of the tracks themselves were genre-spliced. So much so that calling it experimental would be a massive understatement. Apparently the Norwegian/German trio have been working on the EP since 2006; but if you think you’ve heard anything like it, be prepared to stand corrected. I’d try to define their music with a blend of synth pop, electro, tech-house, disco and strangely enough acoustic. But using a fusion of familiar names like Michael Jackson, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Kavinsky, and Crystal Castles might paint a clearer picture. Make sure you run through the entire set, the stunning inconsistency is almost as much a novelty as it is a pleasure.

Enough said, I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Purchase the entire EP at your own price off bandcamp here and follow them at their soundcloud here.

Elliphant – Could It Be / Music Is Life [Stockholm, SE]

Reggae / Dancehall / Electronic / Pop

Swedish reggae pop. That should be enough to keep you going.

Fans of Yolandi Visser, Azealia Banks, M.I.A or other miscellaneous female badassery should be able to easily find favour in  Swedish MC/Producer Elliphant. When I heard Music Is Life a few months back, I was instantly smitten. I’m not generally a fan of reggae but damn my head was bobbing. With the recent semi-leaking of her album A Good Idea I knew that I had to stop being selfish and share her with the world. Not that i’d actually decided to become generous (oh please); but because my inner hipster needed this post so that I could someday show that I got to her before radio stations started drawing wildly inappropriate parallels between her and Bob Marley based solely on her reggae elements. If you’re looking for something chill you’d be mistaken. Her music is crazy dance-worthy and if your heads don’t bop y’all better have a good excuse. Or a neck brace. 

There’s not much up yet but follow Elliphant at her soundcloud here.