Daughter – Run [London, UK]

Indie Folk / Acoustic

It’s been more than a little while since our disappearance but priorities really do catch up with you, in a really bitchy sorta way. Before you realize, you’ve taken such a long break that it becomes pretty damn intimidating to even write up a new post. But again it’d be selfish not to share. So henceforth, music will be shared as it is with or without all this writing that y’all probably never read anyways !

Enjoy this semi-new track from Daughter, it’s probably my new favorite and that’s saying a lot because they’re very prolific and so much of what they’ve done so far is gold.

Show them some love at their soundcloud here
Btw, is anybody else aware of this freespace thing?
It’s ridiculous, totes gonna link y’all up right here

Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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