Work Drugs – Bellport Bay [Philadelphia, US]

Dream Pop / Indie Folk

Fans of Kings of Convenience will hear a lot of that in this track. These guys never stop displaying versatility in their genre. The last track I heard from them Digital Girl was almost Disco-esque but this is completely different. Perfect for a chill autumn sunset watching the leaves change and tumble around while occasionally chasing after the crunchiest of the bunch (oh such a guilty pleasure).

“In Bellport Bay, summer’s on our shoulders and flaking off like perfume”

Snap up a free download at their soundcloud here.


Rubblebucket – Michelle (The Beatles Cover) [Brooklyn, US]

Indie Pop / Psychedelic / Covers

How have I not heard this yet? I think this was released about 3 years ago but wow this is HUGE. When lead female vocalist Kalmia Tarver transitions between English and French it’s almost too much to take.
With the colourful instrumentals (notably the anchoring trumpet), the vocals are buried in layers of class. This cover sincerely does justice by the original  by successfully adding a contemporary touch and yet keeping its roots.
It’s like the circle of life people. Great track dies, reincarnates itself in psychedelic heaven.

Hear more of the Brooklyn troupe at their soundcloud here.

MØ – XXX 88 (Prod. Diplo) [Copenhagen, DE / Los Angeles, US]

Indie Pop / Trap / Electronic

Them Scandinavian chicks tend to be pretty crazy. But when you’re crazy good and crazy consistent it’s a real blessing. I really can’t help but point out how awesome it is to see a musician really letting it all lose (not twerking) and enjoying her music like Danish electro pop singer  does. I mean just look at those rotary braids, she is mixing up some pretty serious waves of ecstasy right there. With Diplo‘s input on the track, the trap elements come through in subtle and thoroughly enjoyable.

This here’s a track truly worth spontaneously riding off into the dessert to dance to.

Here’s a lil’ something more to aid in your head-bobbing.

Show her some love at her soundcloud here

James Blake – Life Round Here ft. Chance The Rapper [London, UK / Chicago, US]

Soul / Rap / Synth

I wouldn’t call this so much of a remix, a rework would be more apt. The original is pretty much completely preserved but made so much better with the great icing that is Chance The Rapper.

Apparently this collaboration is gonna be the first of many, so let us get our hopes up!
and count our chickens !
and all that other stuff !

Daughter – Run [London, UK]

Indie Folk / Acoustic

It’s been more than a little while since our disappearance but priorities really do catch up with you, in a really bitchy sorta way. Before you realize, you’ve taken such a long break that it becomes pretty damn intimidating to even write up a new post. But again it’d be selfish not to share. So henceforth, music will be shared as it is with or without all this writing that y’all probably never read anyways !

Enjoy this semi-new track from Daughter, it’s probably my new favorite and that’s saying a lot because they’re very prolific and so much of what they’ve done so far is gold.

Show them some love at their soundcloud here
Btw, is anybody else aware of this freespace thing?
It’s ridiculous, totes gonna link y’all up right here