Kendrick Lamar – Control (Verse) [Compton, US]

Hip-Hop / Rap


Taking no prisoners, this verse has captured the attention of any listeners that have had the fortune of falling in its line of fire, and it has the internet buzz to match. In a move that has raised the bar for rap album outtakes for the rest of eternity, Big Sean left song Control featuring, man of the hour (possibly millenium), Kendrick Lamar, off his upcoming album whose name and release date don’t really matter at this point. Hell, verses by previous song owner Big Sean and Jay Electronica on the same track don’t really matter either. Rapping angry can make a weak verse sound slightly more interesting, but when its executed through a “flow that put the rap game on a crutch” you get earth being split and every rapper he calls out (at least one of your favorites included) being taken down and bursting to flames in the fiery, hot center of Kendrick’s skill. Hearing such intensity spit all over current major players in the hip-hop game expands its grandness to legendary levels and is one of the most electrifying moves in a long while. If best-of-the-best of last year’s good kid, m.A.A.d city hadn’t convinced you that this guy’s on his way to being one of greats, if he’s not already there, then you better figure that out before the end of this verse, before he straight up knocks you out of his way.

Hear the rest of the song here or find out more about Big Sean’s upcoming album here.

Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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