Kendrick Lamar – Control (Verse) [Compton, US]

Hip-Hop / Rap


Taking no prisoners, this verse has captured the attention of any listeners that have had the fortune of falling in its line of fire, and it has the internet buzz to match. In a move that has raised the bar for rap album outtakes for the rest of eternity, Big Sean left song Control featuring, man of the hour (possibly millenium), Kendrick Lamar, off his upcoming album whose name and release date don’t really matter at this point. Hell, verses by previous song owner Big Sean and Jay Electronica on the same track don’t really matter either. Rapping angry can make a weak verse sound slightly more interesting, but when its executed through a “flow that put the rap game on a crutch” you get earth being split and every rapper he calls out (at least one of your favorites included) being taken down and bursting to flames in the fiery, hot center of Kendrick’s skill. Hearing such intensity spit all over current major players in the hip-hop game expands its grandness to legendary levels and is one of the most electrifying moves in a long while. If best-of-the-best of last year’s good kid, m.A.A.d city hadn’t convinced you that this guy’s on his way to being one of greats, if he’s not already there, then you better figure that out before the end of this verse, before he straight up knocks you out of his way.

Hear the rest of the song here or find out more about Big Sean’s upcoming album here.


Chet Faker – Melt ft. Kilo Kish [Melbourne, AU]

Downtempo / Synth / Electronica / R&B

Sexy, sophisticated yet easily digestible. This track is pretty much the musical equivalent of a dirty martini at a steakhouse. At first listen the track is carried by a seemingly simple synth line but you’ll soon realize its been propped up with all sorts clapping, clicking, and ticking; you name it. Melbourne based electronica/R&B musician Chet Faker has always been the ever-so-majestically-bearded harbinger of sultry vocals (refer to here or here.) When complimented with the talents of Brooklyn’s Kilo Kish, the track is brought to unheard levels of raw arousal. If you’re still worrying about that first date, skip the dinner and seal the deal with this.

Find yourself a pair of spare pants and give it a spin!

Hear more of Chet Faker at his soundcloud here and Kilo Kish here.

P.S.: Make sure to stalk him up as he’s apparently hard at work with his debut album!

Spook Houses – Living The Dream [Ridgewood, US]

Lo-fi / Indie / Rock


Scroll through the photos of Spook HousesFacebook page and you see warm, slightly fuzzy photos of friends gathering, be it at a show, in somebody’s room, or the floor of some house that looks like anybody and everybody’s house. It’s that feeling of familiarity that I heavily associate with the lo-fi production of indie rock staples such as Neutral Milk Hotel, The Microphones and Modest Mouse, and now this half of a new split 7″ with Fat History Month (released digitally and physically August 27th), Living the Dream. Distortion acts as this blanket wrapping up stammering guitars and floating synths, all coming together to play like a track that’s been in your vinyl collection for years but with the same excitement of hearing it for the first time. That’s a horrible cliché, but that’s okay. If these guys have taught me anything, it’s that you don’t have to innovate to move people–taking what’s been done before and making it your own, making it feel like home, is more than enough.

Try out 2012’s excellent Trying on their bandcamp, and info regarding the new 7″ can be found here.

Bored Nothing – Dial Tone Blues [Melbourne, AU]

Indie Pop / Rock


Let’s talk about straight-up pop hits, baby. Let’s talk about this guy being twee. (“Twee” being used in the “simple, sweet song” sense and not meaning “excessively precious.”) While Bored Nothing, the moniker of solo artist Fergus Miller, released his Thanks For the Mammaries EP for free in June, I’ve only recently discovered it and I’ll be damned if that’s not a good enough reason to share this song. Let the sunny strums and lovely, lazy beach atmosphere of Dial Tone Blues act as a both a notice of previous material that might have been missed, and a heads-up for material that’s sure to be coming not soon enough, and sure to be even as excellent as ever.

Download the FREE EP here and keep up with Fergus Miller on a personal level here.

Big Ups – Goes Black [Brooklyn, US]

Noise / Punk / Rock
“I think I lost a bit of myself back there” is the final exasperated line from Wake Up opener Hard to Care after a relentless explosion of screaming guitars and drums. When considering the subject matter of latest single from upcoming full length (set to drop October 8th), Goes Black, it was easy to lose a bit of myself as well. Being tossed between spoken word meditations on the kind of ennui that infiltrates at the most inconvenient, darkest hours of the night and shredded vocals racing against whining guitars running in fear from the idea of “what happens when it all goes black?” It’s 2-minutes of sheer terror. But fortunately that foreboding, slow-paced intro before the fury of the song, makes the engulfing adrenaline-pumping energy crashing down all around you that much more thrilling–and so worth the ride.

Listen to previous material here and find announcements on their facebook page.