Default Genders – Stop Pretending [Vancouver, CA]

Pop / Electronic


Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you I’m not exactly the manliest guy in the world, but I’m more than happy to admit that’s true. Having been significantly raised by the loving and delicate hand of my grandmother, many traits conventionally considered “feminine” were passed down, however my gentleness was totally of my own invention. The new project of James Brooks (formerly known as Elite Gymnastics), default genders, seeks to divorce the notion that femininity necessitates fragility, and this song plays a particularly powerful part in that.  Noting the belief that “you can’t be soft if you wanna be punk” and then dismissing it with a scoff–right before that perfect pop-hook of strings explode over the smooth, soothing beat–and he stops that notion dead in its tracks. Stop Pretending is a blatantly precious song, but that doesn’t stop it from hitting hard, and that makes the message all the more powerful. That this can all be such an enjoyable experience? Ugh, stop pretending like that’s not fantastic.

More about the project available here.


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