Brand New – Out of Range [Long Island, US]

Downtempo / Emo / Rock

Brand New

This is Important with a capital “I.” Legends of emo, Brand New are at the same time very particular and very vague about releasing music (they are currently have “stuff” planned), and with their latest release, Daisy, which found them at their most interestingly experimental, nearing four years old, their fanbase has gotten pretty hungry for…well, anything. So when this “previously unreleased” track (which best guesses say has actually been around for a couple of years) finally found its way to popular attention, people went a little crazy–myself included. What’s great is that it can be over such a gorgeous track as well. Twinkling and glistening guitars fade in and out, like the shine of “gold and silver” bracelets, while dreamy vocals and distant harmonies fill in the rest of the ear candy that is this song. There is some angst, some existentialism in the lyrics here, but rather than repelling, it feels inviting. Playing like a pleasant dream about your worst fears, it feels like pure comfort.

Official Brand New website can be found here.

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