The Naked And Famous – Hearts Like Ours [Auckland, NZ]

Indie Pop / Synth Pop

yep she’s one of those female artists it’s hard not to have a crush on

New Zealand five piece indie pop band The Naked And Famous are back at it again after topping the New Zealand charts and making BBC’s sound of 2011. (if you’re wondering, yes it is a first time for the Kiwis) After their incredibly successful debut album Passive Me, Agressive You it’s been almost 2 years but they’ve finally announced the release date of their second full-length album In Rolling Waves this September 16. If their track record or this single is anything to go by, here’s the link to pre-order their album off iTunes. The first single off the new album Hearts Like Ours is already available and has been readily repeating itself for the last hour or so. A great youthful feel-good track with a nice breezy, beach-ready summer feel to it.
For those of you at home, grab your hairbrushes, it’s showtime! 

Hear more of The Naked And Famous at their soundcloud here


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