All There – You’ve Changed [Los Angeles, US]

Experimental / Electronic / Pop

allthereOpening with a piano part that feels like a sad smile, you can immediately tell this song isn’t going to make things easy for you–but that’s a good thing. All There, the album lovingly put together by the minds of Maxton Stenstrom (Infinitefreefall), Pilot Chmielarczyk, Mysell Quintana (Echo Vessel), and Luke Kim (Copys), takes you through the story of a relationship falling apart and the lives of the two people (Jon and Emily) broken up into acts that correspond with the changing seasons; changing being a very important word here. The production of the song is paramount to putting us into the hearts of the two soon to be past-lovers and in that creates an emotional soundscape you get lost in. As You’ve Changed progresses, you can notice the beat ever-so-slightly different come the end of the song; echoed vocals make the heft of each word in such a strained relationship heavily felt. It’s the kind of song that tells a story you can really feel moving along. It’s definitely pop, and though it’s of the sorrowful variety, it’s still so damn sweet. The album was released today, and it’s an emotionally challenging listen, but it’s so, so worth it.

Stream and purchase of the album is available here.


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