No Age – An Impression [Los Angeles, US]

Noise / Experimental / Rock

No Age band photoBefore this song, the last word that would ever have come to mind when thinking about No Age would be “delicate.” Since 2005, guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Allen Spunt have worked through 3 albums to develop an ambient edge to their noise rock that manages total clarity through an energy-driven uproar. Even at their quietest, we have yet to see the duo present themselves to us in where a layer of static doesn’t propel the song forward in some quick, fuzzy crawl. On this latest cut from upcoming release, An Object (due out August 19th in the UK and August 20th in the US), however, they decide to get as up close and personal as possible with the swaying An Impression. The slow tempo and meandering strings coupled with strolling bass and floating vocals all blend beautifully atop a backdrop of fuzz, coming together to create this piece of music I have trouble calling anything other than gorgeous. Previous singles C’mon Stimmung and No Ground make promise that there is plenty of more fist-pounding punk on its way as well, but here’s to hoping to more glimpses of the ethereal as well.

Pre-order An Object or listen to previous No Age material here.


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