Brand New – Out of Range [Long Island, US]

Downtempo / Emo / Rock

Brand New

This is Important with a capital “I.” Legends of emo, Brand New are at the same time very particular and very vague about releasing music (they are currently have “stuff” planned), and with their latest release, Daisy, which found them at their most interestingly experimental, nearing four years old, their fanbase has gotten pretty hungry for…well, anything. So when this “previously unreleased” track (which best guesses say has actually been around for a couple of years) finally found its way to popular attention, people went a little crazy–myself included. What’s great is that it can be over such a gorgeous track as well. Twinkling and glistening guitars fade in and out, like the shine of “gold and silver” bracelets, while dreamy vocals and distant harmonies fill in the rest of the ear candy that is this song. There is some angst, some existentialism in the lyrics here, but rather than repelling, it feels inviting. Playing like a pleasant dream about your worst fears, it feels like pure comfort.

Official Brand New website can be found here.

Default Genders – Stop Pretending [Vancouver, CA]

Pop / Electronic


Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you I’m not exactly the manliest guy in the world, but I’m more than happy to admit that’s true. Having been significantly raised by the loving and delicate hand of my grandmother, many traits conventionally considered “feminine” were passed down, however my gentleness was totally of my own invention. The new project of James Brooks (formerly known as Elite Gymnastics), default genders, seeks to divorce the notion that femininity necessitates fragility, and this song plays a particularly powerful part in that.  Noting the belief that “you can’t be soft if you wanna be punk” and then dismissing it with a scoff–right before that perfect pop-hook of strings explode over the smooth, soothing beat–and he stops that notion dead in its tracks. Stop Pretending is a blatantly precious song, but that doesn’t stop it from hitting hard, and that makes the message all the more powerful. That this can all be such an enjoyable experience? Ugh, stop pretending like that’s not fantastic.

More about the project available here.

Icona Pop – All Night [Stockholm, SE]

Electro Pop

A perfect song on a sunday to sweep away the monday blues and get you ready for the week ahead. Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop continues to provide that helium brimmed sugar-filled vibes that we’ve become more than familiar with in their wildly popular single I Love It featuring Charlie XCX. (Yep, the one in those Samsung ads) This single will be part of their upcoming album This Is…Icona Pop
to be released this September 24th. So start your countdown and get your dancing shoes on.

Hear more of Icona Pop at their soundcloud here.

Safe With Me – Sam Smith [London, UK]

Soul / Electronic / Pop

British songwriter/singer Sam Smith is best known for his vocals featured on Disclosure’s single Latch and Naughty Boy’s notoriously addictive La La La. Both of which, found their places snugly in UK’s top charts.
It’s pretty obvious that he’s sure got a set of pipes. Patrons of any type of singing competition reality show will go gaga over his vocals. But when Two Inch Punch takes charge of the production, the result is phenomenal.
I’ll let the music do the talking.

Check out what else Sam Smith has to offer at his soundcloud here.

The Naked And Famous – Hearts Like Ours [Auckland, NZ]

Indie Pop / Synth Pop

yep she’s one of those female artists it’s hard not to have a crush on

New Zealand five piece indie pop band The Naked And Famous are back at it again after topping the New Zealand charts and making BBC’s sound of 2011. (if you’re wondering, yes it is a first time for the Kiwis) After their incredibly successful debut album Passive Me, Agressive You it’s been almost 2 years but they’ve finally announced the release date of their second full-length album In Rolling Waves this September 16. If their track record or this single is anything to go by, here’s the link to pre-order their album off iTunes. The first single off the new album Hearts Like Ours is already available and has been readily repeating itself for the last hour or so. A great youthful feel-good track with a nice breezy, beach-ready summer feel to it.
For those of you at home, grab your hairbrushes, it’s showtime! 

Hear more of The Naked And Famous at their soundcloud here