Wilsen – Oblivion (Grimes Cover) [New York, US]

Dream Pop / Folk / Downtempo / Covers

If like myself you’ve enjoyed Claire Boucher (Grimes) but been completely mystified over how Oblivion scored Pitchfork’s song of the year, listen to this cover and perhaps it might clarify things. It sure helped convince me.
New York based group Wilsen’s version has rendered the track much more folksy and approachable, drawing out a tender bone-chilling quality. Fans of Daughter and Cat Power are sure to catch on their sound quickly. It’s no wonder they’ve been the supporting act for Daughter’s tour. 

Enough said, check it out yourself.

I’m gonna go ahead and post another track of theirs, Dusk below because it’s just too good. Lead vocalist Tasmin Wilson’s voice is simply ethereal.

Needless to say these guys are gonna be huge.

If you like what you’ve heard, check out their soundcloud here, personally I can’t get enough of them.


The Neighbourhood – $TING [California, US]

Downtempo / Indie Rock / Alternative

These guys are on a roll and nothing’s gonna stop them. Single after amazing single, it’s like they’ve got some hidden music sweatshop operation going on. Lucky for us, unlike most sweatshops, this one features hardcore quality control. Not to be patronising the least bit, but these guys seem to have a limitless supply of new material and excellence. Like their other tracks, the band continues making music that denotes a dark noir atmosphere. $TING however, has a much slower tempo than most of their tracks and features skilfully planted distortions. If you’re interested enough check out the lyrics as well, they’re dark and sincere as hell.

“Don’t take this the wrong way”

If you aren’t there yet, jump on the bandwagon at their soundcloud here.

Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix) [Nine Mile, JM]

Reggae / Electronic / Remixes

Bob Marley has always been a symbol of musical freedom, and to some extent blazing a 420 in itself. Coming from the first Jamaican singer/songwriter to achieve international popularity, it’s no wonder terrible remixes of his music have been consistently produced. When I first got wind of the concept album Bob Marley and The Wailers Legend: Remixed,  I was pretty ready for disappointment. The album’s aim was to fuse his reggae with electronic elements in an attempt to create a genre of contemporary reggae that would be more suitable to current tastes. In most reggae remixes, I found the electronic elements rarely complimented but instead stifled the signature rhythmic elements of reggae (yes, refer to Benny Benassi‘s dreadful dance track). That was until I picked up on this track which could possibly be the best remix of Bob Marley or RAC that i’ve had the luck to feast my ears upon (And trust me there’s been a whole lot).

The rest of the album’s up for preorder here on iTunes.
And if you wanna show RAC some love, do so here.

Capital Cities – Farrah Fawcett Hair ft. André 3000 [Los Angeles, US]

Electronic / Synth Pop

I’ve been so busy this past month I’ve hardly had enough time to breathe let alone blog. And as I’ll be relocating to Melbourne the next month and back to studies after more than a 3-year long break; I don’t foresee the situation changing. Between struggling to keep up with schoolwork so I don’t get deported, and finding/maintaining a job so I don’t go homeless, posts are definitely gonna be sporadic. But life’s tough like that so apologies aside, it’s definitely an exciting phase and I hope to be getting more people involved so bear with us! Henceforth, I might be all sorts of terse but no worries, even if the writing seems to lack quality control, rest assured the music’s still gold (=

Don’t be put off by the voice snippets of NPR’s Frank Tavarres because, wow. This is a collaboration like nothing the Los Angeles based band has done up till now. Set to be released in their new album In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery, if this track is anything to go on, I can’t wait to hear more. If you haven’t caught up to them after sampling Safe and Sound and Kangaroo Court, be sure to hear more of their electronic-infused indie pop at their soundcloud here.

“I like it when i’m listening to music, that’s the only thing that takes me to another world”

If you haven’t heard Shook’s mix of Kangaroo Court and RAC’s mix of Safe and Sound check it out below as well because that there’s some sick shit.

The Neighbourhood – No Grey [California, US]

Indie Rock / Alternative / Hip-Hop

I’ve been spread pretty thin of late hence the late post on The Neighbourhood’s latest single No Grey. The Californian group is quickly going from diligent to prolific. With barely any break between their debut album release along with track releases, one can only assume they’re making new material alongside with having an endless arsenal of tracks that weren’t included in the debut album I Love You. To be honest, it’s all pretty irrelevant because as long we’re getting more music from them, we’re gonna go ahead and call ourselves lucky.

As usual follow them at their soundcloud here