The Neighbourhood – West Coast [California, US]

Hip-Hop / Indie Rock / Alternative / Rap

Remember the last time we missed out on a The Neighbourhood track? Never, that’s when. I practically idolize these guys. So of course I wasn’t about to miss out on this one either. Since the release of their last album I Love You a few months back, these guys haven’t been lazy at all. Or maybe this was just one of the tracks that got left out of the album.
Either way, I’m just happy as hell to hear more from them.

If you aren’t following them already, get to it at their soundcloud here.


Owl Eyes – Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix) [Melbourne, AU]

Electronic / Funk / Dream Pop / Synth / Remixes

Owl Eyes (Brooke Addamo) is a 22 year old singer/songwriter who’s been around for quite a while, appearing on Triple-J’s Hottest here and then and showing growth all the while. To be honest it wasn’t until her recently released debut album Nightswim that she caught my attention. When I first heard Closure I had her instantly pegged her as Scandinavian with a dark synth-pop sound alike to that of Mr Little Jeans and Little Daylight, and nothing like the upbeat sunny elements you’d expect from Australian musicians. So when LA based DJ Goldroom got hold of the track and added a fresh layer of funk to Jewels & Sapphires, I’d go so far to say that it becomes a completely different track from the original. Give it a listen and see which one works for you. Personally I’d take both.

Below’s a few favorite remixes from Owl Eyes and their originals thrown in for good measure.

Hear more of Owl Eyes at her soundcloud here.

Snakehips (Jason Edwards) – On & On (Snakehips Edit) [London, UK]

Electronic / R&B / Remixes

I was first acquainted (as I believe many of us were) with Snakehips, the musical project of Jason Edwards through his amazing bootleg of Gold by Bondax, if you haven’t heard it yet you should definitely check it out here. Since then I’ve been checking out  more of his remixes which have never been anything short of spectacular. With a familiar style of heavy R&B beats and funky synth work, he’s managed to repeatedly and successfully produce music easy on the ears and catchy as hell. So when I heard that he had produced an original and remixed it himself, I was more than interested. I know I’m a bit late on posting this but I’ve been busy as hell of late and sure am not about to miss out on this. I’ll let the music speak for itself.

You’re definitely gonna wanna hear more at his soundcloud here.

Banks – Warm Water (Prod. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) [Los Angeles, US]

Electronic Pop / Downtempo

This is the sort of music I’d define as luxurious. Perfect for your bedroom with its egyptian million thread count sheets and a glass of cosmopolitan that’s not overly sweet or too tart. Of course, only if you’re that sorta person. Mysterious beauty Banks really brings on the sultry in this track, coupled with the english electronic maestro TEED produces a masterpiece that’s readily and effortlessly indulged.

Hear more of Banks at her soundcloud here.

Jabberwocky – Photomaton ft. Elodie Wildstars (Jean Tonique Remix) [Paris, France]

Electronic / Funk / Pop / Remixes

French producer Jean Tonique is back at it again making good music great, and funky. To be honest, I’ve only found out about him a few months back with his remix of OutKast’s Ms. Jackson. A substantial dig from the past and one of my favorite workout tracks of all time.
Once again he displays his boundless versatility with Jabberwocky’s recently released single Photomaton. The track has been injected with a minute dose of disco elements that are just enough to keep it both comfortable for the dance floor, and your studio apartment with it’s thin walls.

As usual, hit him up at his soundcloud here for more.