Little Children (Linus Lutti) – Falling / Distant Shouts [Stockholm, SE]

Indie / Folk / Downtempo / Dream Pop

If you’re looking for music to accompany a rainy day or a mature lullaby to blissfully fall asleep to that’s not extensively dull, Stockholm’s Little Children would be a great place to start. After Distant Shouts was briefly featured on medical series Grey’s Anatomy it’s received quite some attention but still far from enough. Fans of Bon Iver, Kodaline and The Vaccines should be able to seamlessly embrace the dreamy atmosphere the music conveys that manages to capture both a homely folksy sound; and an almost gloomy sincerity.

As usual if you like what you’ve heard so far, show them some support at their soundcloud here


Ellie Goulding – Tesselate (Alt-J Cover) [Lyonshall, UK]

Indie Rock / Electronic / Bedroom Soul

Oh wow, it just seems like everything Ellie Goulding touches instantly melts into this smooth creamy vanilla magic. I can’t help but point out that she’s probably one of the most appropriately appreciated female vocalists the media has to offer. If you’ve heard her cover of Active Child’s Hanging On then, case and point. (If you haven’t then here it is: link) So when she covered Alt-J’s Tessellate, saying that I was ecstatic would be a severe understatement. The british indie rock band’s album An Awesome Wave was probably one of the most exciting and original finds of 2012 and the track probably was no doubt a challenge to cover but Ellie Goulding’s rearrangement and mellow vocals has successfully changed it into musical foreplay (if that isn’t enough, producer Xaphoon Jones throws in a jazzy saxophone solo to make sure it gets you going all the way). As amazing as the original is, this cover renders it sizeably unrecognisable. And no doubt, in a pretty awesome way.

I’m sure we’re all more than well informed of Ellie Goulding’s movements but if you’re not already neck-deep in Alt-J‘s music (solemnly judging you) check them out at their soundcloud here.

A Firm Handshake – Fix Me Up [Minnesota, US]

Indie Folk / Pop / Acoustic

Each of Zach Sobiech’s songs are packed with the feelings of a lifetime. A little different from our usual, this is a song written for and sung with a lifelong friend about to be left behind in life. The music speaks for itself; sung like a story with multiple parts, the polyphonic harmony is heartbreaking. Make sure you get to it because Sammy Brown’s voice speaks the world about the sorrow of upcoming goodbyes. Not sure how many of you have heard his more popular song Clouds (listen to it here) or seen his story (watch it here if you’re ready for some tears), but it adds just that much more meaning when you listen.

Here is the song ‘Fix Me Up’, and here’s to lifelong friends and to Zach Sobiech, who passed away on Monday, May 20th, 2013.

Daughter – Love Lost (Ta-Ku Edit) [Perth, AU]

Indie / Electronic / Downtempo / Trap

What’s there not to love about an Australian collab of DJ Ta-Ku taking one of Daughter’s tracks under his own wing? The result, as expected is nothing short of exceptional. Despite Daughter tracks being quite popular prey to remixes. (I use the word “prey” alluding to numerous disappointing precedents.) This one is definitely something different. The original melody of the track is not overpowered but runs alongside with the trap elements. The hard hitting beats and ethereal vocals penetrate with ease creating a bone-chilling (read: goosebumps) effect.

In a nutshell, this edit really exemplifies simplicity at its best.

Grab the track for free at his soundcloud here and don’t forget to show him some love!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us Remix (Major Lazer Remix ft. Swappi & 1st Klase) [Los Angeles, US]

Trap / Hip-Hop / Electronic

I wouldn’t say this was the most well thought out or best remix of this song I’ve heard so far. But I’ll probably never hear another track with so damn much energy packed into it. This is pretty much the audio-equivalent of a protein bar. Anyways, Major Lazer remixes Macklemore & Ryan Lewis; Must I say more?

Oh and it’s up for free download 😉