Phox – Confetti [Wisconsin, US]

Indie / Folk / Alternative / Instrumental

Anyone else thinking Amy Winehouse?

There’s really not that much to know about Baraboo based indie band Phox other than what we’ve got from their bandcamp page.
“PHOX is from Baraboo, WI which is a place where kids often drink poison and become endowed mutants. This particular half dozen is blessed with madness, illusions of grandeur, and the inability to do the same thing twice. They also play music.”
This band is probably one of my most delightful finds so far and not even in a “I wanna keep this to myself” sorta hipster way. No, their music is the sort that you wanna gleefully share like girl scout cookies in spring.

My favorite from their recent album Confetti would have to be Slow Motion, followed closely by Barside. Maybe it’s because I used to play clarinet for band (note the past tense) that I feel obligated to be inclined towards this. But c’mon when was the last time you heard a clarinet so out of context yet so befitting. Asides from that it’s just a fantastically fluffy song that made me nostalgic of simpler times. A bit of a homesick atmosphere to it, unless y’know you came from a pretty messed up household. In which case, it’ll remind you of the home you never had? Their music generally features intricate instrumental arrangements and the raspy barmaid-like vocals of lead singer Monica Martin (Which I cannot say enough, is more than spectacular).

Honestly, these guys don’t need the least bit of selling; the music really speaks for itself.

In addition these guys have also made an amazing video EP. “a project where video and audio were recorded simultaneously to create an EP and this film”. If you’ve got no idea what that means. well you’re pretty dumb; because it’s exactly what it says. Nah actually it’s got a bit of a reality show element to it. But if you’re gonna be misled and make a scene about it then I’ve kindly posted said video below. Gosh it’s simply impossible to not be instantly and absolutely bedazzled by their talent and the heartwarming camaraderie.

If you like what you’ve heard so far (you better have). Then hop over to their bandcamp here and purchase the entire album for any price you please. So yea, pretty much free. If you decided to pay less than a dollar for it (be honest own up now!) then at least head over to their facebook here and show them some support!

Here’s more proof of their genius, probably the best cover of this track I’ve heard to date.


Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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