The xx – Together [London, UK]

Indie / Electronic / Instrumental / Downtempo

Haven’t entirely had the luxury to write recently, but this is something that I could not miss out on. And since we’re riding on the mood of the upcoming film it seems pretty apt. I’m sure for most, inclusive of myself, this is definitely the one track from the entire movie’s soundtrack that I could not wait to listen to. Unless I’m mistaken, using the xx’s music as a large scale seemingly decent film soundtrack is a first (To clear the air, I Am Number Four does not count by a long shot). I mean, this jus seems so remarkably implausible. It’s pretty much effortless to imagine this track pulsing in the background gracefully complimenting the troubled protagonist who goes through a deep self-reflecting soliloquy.  But enough of my fantasies. This track maintains the minimalist approach to music that the british band has always adopted and succeeded repeatedly at. However, at the 3:40 mark the orchestra comes in and the downtempo is traded for a fresh mood of suspense. Almost sounding like something you’d expect to accompany an Ian Fleming novel. This may not be one of their best tracks but it’s definitely one of their most unique.


Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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