Max Marshall – Forgive Me (Mixtape) [London, UK]

Hip-Hop / R&B / Soul / Mash-Up

London based singer/songwriter Max Marshall is truly fresh to the game but if her Forgive Me Mixtape is anything to go by, she’s gonna be in the big leagues in no time. The standout track from the collection will have to be Neva Believe, bringing together samples of Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, Frank Ocean’s “Novocane” and a sweet backup of LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It”. My personal favorite would have to be the last track Must Be Crazy. Her sassy take to Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” mashed with Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” is simply too exhilarating *foams*. Matching Lana Del Rey must’ve been an intimidating task for any artist but her vocals are confident and soulful. For now there’s not much to be known about her but I can’t wait to see where she’s going in a couple months time.
As usual, if you like what you’ve heard so far follow her at her soundcloud here.

The whole mixtape’s up for free download at her tumblr here.
So don’t forget to show her some support.

“Tell a friend to tell a friend… Forgive Me.”

Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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