Feed Me (Jon Gooch) & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got [London, UK; Navarre, ES]

Folktronica / Electronic / Progressive House

In lieu of hitting 1000 hits (YAY!), here’s one of my favorite tracks this year. Possibly one of the most exciting collaborations of 2013, here are two phenomenal musical acts and their seemingly incompatible genres. The track however, flawlessly synthesizes the fast and passionate instrumental style and vocals of Crystal Fighters with Feed Me’s hard hitting club-worthy electro house production. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this working out but WOW, get ready to hear this track everywhere. Remixed, rearranged, refixed, reworked, bootlegged, you name it. But for now, check out the original, it’s hard to imagine it getting better than this. They’ve created whole new genre, one that I’d love to hear a whole lot more of.

Wind up the volume and wait till the 1:14 mark, goosebumps are assured.

If you aren’t fans of them yet, take a few minutes to musicate yourself, and absorb how uncanny this collaboration actually is.
Feed Me is the London based electro house project of Jon Gooch, check him out at his soundcloud here.
Crystal Fighters are a UK / Spain originated quintet, making agressive folk, balearic and synth pop music, check them out at their soundcloud here.

P.S.  I extend my utmost and sincere gratitude to everyone who helped share, like, or spread my blog through your respective mediums. I’d also like to thank those of y’all for the submissions that we’ve received so far. Even those who I’ve politely rejected. I’m sure you understand that your music means a lot to you as it does to us. So please continue making that magic. It’s indie artists like you guys that make the journey of music discovery so ceaseless yet ultimately titillating for us. This blog was started with the humble goal of simply spreading and imbuing arts that we feel passionate about from all around the world, to people all around the world. And it will remain that way. Please continue supporting our cause and aiding us in becoming much more potent than Smallpox.

Love is all I got for you folks !

The Wanderlust-FM.


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